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Hengst receives the 5th award in a row in the International Aluminium Die Casting Competition

For the fifth year in a row Hengst has received the International Aluminium Die Casting Competition Award, which makes them quite the *success story*. This is the fifth time Hengst has participated in the competition and the fifth time they have come out amongst the winners – one could certainly say *they are doing something right.*

An award of *special recognition* for the oil-coolant module for DAF utility motor vehicles was awarded to Hengst by a jury of experts for the modules developed by Hengst and produced at the Nordwalde (Near Muenster Head Quarters in Germany) location. It was at …

WABCO Australia 2018 training dates

WABCO Australia is pleased to announce their training dates for 2018. The training offered by WABCO will continue with the same support and service that WABCO offers all its customers through the WABCO Academy Programme.

For the last seven years, WABCO has run an extremely successful training course. This two-day course focuses on Trailer ABS and EBS with the course continuing to go from strength to strength. Since the WABCO course has been available in Australia over 1000 people have been taught and trained in the courses offered. The courses offered include SYSTEM INSIGHT AND TAILORED CONTENT. In addition to learning …

WABCO Foundation Brake Options

Aside from ignition, brakes are arguably one of the most crucial truck parts. Heavy vehicles need high-quality brakes because non-compliant brake parts can fail or underperform resulting in serious harm.

However, you don’t have to sell your kidney to acquire quality brake parts. If you find the right aftermarket parts, you can still get original quality components approved by original manufacturers, but at a price that fits your pocket. WABCO is one such supplier, and their parts are trusted by top vehicle manufacturers around the world.

WABCO designs and manufactures entire brake systems for heavy vehicles. Let’s take a brief …

NHVR Releases EWD Compliance Policy

Earlier in March, the National Heavy Vehicle Register released their draft of the Electronic Work Diary Compliance Policy; this has been designed and released to ensure that all heavy vehicle drivers who are using either hand-written work diaries or electronically written diaries are treated in the same way.

Geoff Casey who is the productivity and safety executive director of the National Heavy Vehicle Register has stated that use of the electronic work diary compliance policy will provide the proper balance between compliance and safety thus ensuring a consistent approach for those who choose to use the new technology, and that …

Tip Truck Hoisting Requirements to be Reviewed.

To develop a new modification code and provide clear requirements for hoisting vehicles the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has agreed to work with tipper body manufacturers.

Peter Austin, Vehicle Safety and Performance manager from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator said the code would assist manufacturers that were concerned about achieving compliance with the standards released under the Vehicle Standards Bulletin (VSB)6, Version 3.  There are some manufacturers who have raised concerns that some tippers would require re-design of tipper body systems in order to meet the Australian standards, required under Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6.

Mr Austin stated the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator …

New COR Laws To Boost Heavy Vehicle Safety

In mid-2018 there is new Chain of Responsibility laws coming into effect for Australia’s heavy vehicle industry.

Kym Farquharson-Jones the National Heavy Vehicle Register’s Chain of Responsibility manager has been travelling around the country outlining these new changes to many of the 165,000 businesses that make up the heavy vehicle supply chain.

Everyone in the supply chain has a role to play when it comes to heavy vehicle safety and this is a significant step forward in recognising this. Also playing an important role are primary producers, they need to support safe, and reliable road transport to all road users particularly heavy …

Improve the Federal Interstate Registration Scheme.

The ATA says keep federal interstate truck registration
The Chair of the Australian Trucking Association has stated that the trucking industry has plans to oppose the Government’s decision to increase the stamp duty burden imposed on operators by closing the Federal Interstate Registration Scheme.

The government has introduced legislation to parliament that will abolish the Federal Interstate Registration Scheme. This will remove all the stamp duty exemptions placed on the hardworking trucking operators who deliver Australia’s interstate trade and increase their tax burden.

Even though the government has proposed a *one-off* stamp duty exemption to existing Federal Interstate Registration Scheme vehicles, this exemption …

Australian Trucking Association, with Trucksafe

ATA joins the National Road Safety Partnership Programme
The latest to join the National Road Safety Partnership Programme is the Australian Trucking Association, with Trucksafe.

Safety has always been at the centre of the Australian Trucking Associations strategic agenda and is TruckSafe’s core business. This merger joins the Australian Trucking Association with the National Roads Safety Partnership Programme seamlessly. The NRSPP’s objective is to break down knowledge barriers to facilitate an information transfer across all industries to address managing risks and reducing the road toll.

Manager of the National Road Safety Partnership Programme Jerome Carslake has welcomed the Australian Trucking Association as it’s …

ProVia Wheel Speed Sensors

WABCO Develops New ProVia Wheel Speed Sensors
As trailer trucks have multiple wheels, it’s vital that they are all synchronised in their pace and function to ensure road safety.

This can be especially crucial when a driver moves from partial to all-wheel drive, or when the driver shifts gears. Wheel speed sensors are an essential part of this process. If a driver is looking for compliant truck parts in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, WABCO is a haven for ProVia wheel speed sensors. They come in 17 variants that cut across 105 of OEM trucks.

ProVia sensors guarantee full safety and …

Another WABCO Update

WABCO Updates its ProVia Cab Levelling Valves
Over the years, WABCO has established itself as a quality supplier of truck parts. Since many consumers associate quality with high cost, WABCO took a step to assuage their concerns and make itself more accessible. In 2016, it introduced the ProVia line of high quality, low-cost vehicle parts. It offers the heavy vehicle industry premium parts at budget prices.

If you’re shopping for truck parts in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, you can access a reliable supply of ProVia cabin levelling valve. Their features include a safety guarantee and the promise of a …

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