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The Importance of Quality Clutch Parts

All truck parts are important, each playing its role in the many truck systems. Clutches are critical to the smooth operation of the drive train and play an important role in low wear and fuel efficient driving. Clutch failure doesn’t just lead to expensive repairs, it also puts your vehicle out of action exposing you to all the costs associated with lost productivity. So, if something goes wrong with your clutch, it’s best not to take risks.

Clutch Parts

Since the introduction of OE quality clutch products to the aftermarket, the cost of a replacement …

Benefits of Valeo Radiators for Engine Cooling Systems

Cooling systems are an integral part of any truck’s operation, and the radiator forms a huge part of that. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, Valeo is considered one of the world’s leading experts in cooling systems for heavy-duty vehicles. In this article, we’ll explore who Valeo is, why radiators are so important and why using Valeo radiators for your heavy-duty vehicles is the smart choice.

Who is Valeo?
The Valeo Group is known worldwide as both an original equipment manufacturer and one of the leading suppliers of quality …

Elring Gaskets for Trucks

A gasket is a flexible elastomeric material that creates a fluid and gas tight seal between two joined surfaces.  Vehicle and engine manufacturers use gaskets to seal bolted joints.

Elring Gaskets for Trucks

In heavy vehicles, gaskets are used for several sealing applications. These include engine blocks, pump systems, gearboxes, turbochargers and other truck parts, whether on European, American or Japanese trucks. This article focuses on the Elring gasket solutions available for trucks in Australia and New Zealand. Read on if you would like to find out more.
Why Use Elring Gaskets?
The history of ElringKlinger dates …

The Benefits of Garrett Turbochargers

When you need aftermarket parts for Japanese and European trucks, you should only settle for the best. That’s where Garrett Turbochargers come in. For superior performance and durability, Garrett is the dominant force in turbochargers for Hino and Isuzu trucks. In fact, they’re one of the world’s leading manufacturers of turbochargers for most Japanese and European trucks.


Turbochargers for commercial vehicles have become crucial in the race to lower emissions while increasing efficiency. With advanced technology, …

Why choose Century Batteries for Bus and Truck

If you’re in the truck and bus industry as a driver, repairer or business owner, you’re familiar with Century batteries. They’ve been part of the Australian landscape for over 90 years, and have a reputation for quality and performance. So, why exactly are Century batteries favoured for European, Japanese and American trucks and buses? It’s not just about being a big brand or having a recognisable name. There’s a whole lot of substance and quality products behind the brand.

Heavy-duty batteries for all truck types
Do you need European truck parts? …

What to Look for When Buying Aftermarket Parts for European Trucks

When you need aftermarket truck spares for European trucks, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. The difference between finding a great European truck parts supplier and an average one can be significant. If the supplier messes you around, you’ll have more downtime. And as we all know, time is money.

Truck parts

So, these are a few things to consider when choosing your European truck parts supplier. Follow these steps, and you could save yourself a lot of time, money, and frustration.

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts or aftermarket?
Firstly, …

The Benefits of Meritor Lined Brake Shoe Kits

Getting the right truck parts in Australia is crucial to your business. All drivers and fleet managers understand that maintenance and downtime are part of life, but there are ways to limit the impact. The easiest way is sourcing reliable, durable truck parts that are built to last.

Brake Shoe

The braking systems on trucks and heavy vehicles require regular maintenance, but what if you could extend brake life and reduce maintenance costs? With industry-leading technology, innovative design, and premium construction, Meritor delivers precisely that.

Who is Meritor?
Meritor is known worldwide as a …

The Advantage of MK Kashiyama Disc Brake Pads

If you’re looking for Japanese truck parts, you understand the importance of quality. Parts made from quality components built for durability can significantly reduce maintenance and running costs. You’ll also know how much pressure goes through the braking system of your trucks every single day, making this a key area of focus. That’s why we’re proud to recommend MK Kashiyama disc brake pads for better performance and longer life.

Disc Brake Pads
All brake pads made to OEM specifications
MK Kashiyama is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for many Japanese truck brands. That …

Euroricambi Transmission Systems for Commercial Vehicles

The heavy-duty vehicles in Australia are designed to withstand the country’s extreme weather and terrain. This enables them to cover the long distances between major cities and ports with minimal downtime.

Euroricambi Transmission Systems

The trucking industry down under is also supported by a versatile aftermarket industry for commercial vehicles. It gives drivers and fleet operators direct access to high-quality technicians and affordable aftermarket parts for trucks. Any improvement in a truck’s performance can improve profits significantly.

A truck’s transmission system is responsible for conveying the engine’s power to its wheels. It consists …

Guide to Choosing the Right Coolant for Your Truck

Australia has one of the most competitive commercial vehicle industries in the world. The country’s vast landmass requires trucks to cover long distances between cities and ports. They also experience extreme weather conditions all year round. The optimal performance of the truck depends on the regular maintenance of all its components.


A truck’s cooling system has a significant role in its overall performance. Poor cooling system maintenance is responsible for almost 50% of all truck engine problems. This article outlines the main factors to consider when choosing a coolant fluid for your truck. Read …

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