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1,000th Mack Truck Built For Hanson

In Australia, Mack Trucks have just celebrated an impressive milestone. They have just had the pleasure of handing over the keys to the 1,000th Mack truck that has been built for Hanson. Hanson is one of Australia’s most well-known and iconic suppliers of construction materials.

Truck number 1,000 is a Trident AF model with a four-axel dog trailer. The new truck is expected to be put to work at Hanson’s Wiffdene Quarry in Queensland. The Wiffdene Quarry is not only one of the largest quarries in Australia, but one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

General Manager of logistics – Scott …

A Much Smoother Star

The Western Star brand is known for its traditional air cleaners, radiators and western star parts. The new Western Star 580, however, is a lot smoother with modern styling and great aerodynamic shape. It appears that the introduction of the Western Star 5800FE is the beginning of a new trend across the trucking industry. Today truck drivers and owners are concerned about fuel consumption, so they are looking for the truck that meets those needs.

In Australia a series of European models have been introduced and have made inroads on the market with their lower fuel use. Operators are making …

Hino’s Great Leap Forward

Hino is releasing a new 500 Series Standard Cab range, and many are seeing this as one of Hino’s best leaps forward. In terms of electronic safety equipment – which is now being offered as standard – the innovations in this new range are set to take this range well beyond its nearest competitors in this market.

Last year Hino released a nine-litre that had a fantastic amount of torque along with a range of new Hino spare parts. A further five-litre engine offers transmission choices between manual, AMT and fully automatic across the range.

The Hino 500 range is packed …

T610 Aero Sleeper Launched

The T610 Aero Sleeper has just been launched into the 2019 market and with this release, Kenworth has added some flexibility to their range. Complimenting the existing day cab, the 600mm aero roof sleeper cab, fits in brilliantly with the 760mm mid-roof and 860mm sleeper cab options. The 600mm sleeper cab is the most compact sleeper in the T610 range, and it also offers owners improved payload capacity up to a large 26m B-double configuration and better fuel efficiency. This new sleeper cab option is perfect for a range of applications including tankers, refrigerated trailers and tippers.

Paccar Australia’s Director of …

Nikola Electric Truck May Be Heading to Australia

It was recently reported in Diesel News that the new Nikola electric truck may be headed to Australia. Produced by Nikola – a pioneering brand in America – the new cabover electric truck release has been aimed directly at both the Asia Pacific and European truck markets.

Nikola is not content with working just in the American truck market and along with a prototype electric over-the-road truck tractor for North America, there are plans to put the brand on a cabover model for markets in the Asia Pacific and European markets which include, New Zealand, Australia and Japan.

The Nikola One …

Scania’s First Autonomous Truck in Australia

Currently underway at Rio Tinto’s Dampier Salt Operations in Western Australia is a test programme for a new generation of autonomous transport systems using the first autonomous truck in Australia, manufactured by Scania. In August 2018 the first phase of the testing trial began using a Scania XT 8×4 autonomous tipper truck. This truck is working separately from Dampier’s active operations.

A safety driver is riding inside the vehicle during this initial stage, this is so a real person can observe the trucks performance, and, if need be, intervene should there be any issues or problems. During different phases of the …

Traction and the Lifting Axle

A trailer full of cargo is standard trucking. But on the ride back, when the truck is empty, it becomes a risk. The reduced traction could make the empty trailer tip over at corners or sharp turns. It also affects fuel usage and vehicular wear and tear. DAF LF has resolved this problem via retractable axle technology using special air springs and suspension pivots. Fewer replacements of DAF truck parts will be necessary and longer durations between services could add up to thousands of dollars in savings.
Smoother rides for smaller loads
When the cargo haul is full, the DAF LF …

Mercedes Benz has taken the next step in the evolution of trucks

Vehicles designed for the European market tend to have high-end luxury features. It’s what Europeans expect, and heavy vehicle manufacturers are embracing this trend. After all, those hi-tech options may be even more helpful in larger vehicles than regular ones, because drivers have longer hours, and mishaps have more repercussions. Mercedes is abiding by this principle in its new Actros truck. Features are both practical and cosmetic.

Instead of standard side mirrors and their potential blind spots, the Actros has MirrorCam. This truck part is now standard in every Mercedes Actros and comprises of 15-inch screens that give the driver a …

Volkswagen is closer to becoming a global-truck-player

Volkswagen is looking to make tracks in the trucking world. To be labelled as a trucking powerhouse, a brand needs a valid presence in Japan, Europe, and the US. At the moment, Volkswagen has renamed its trucking wing Traton. Under this umbrella, Volkswagen has a large, gradually increasing stake in Navistar, giving it access to US markets.
Europe and Japan
Other global Traton trucks include MAN and Scania. In South America, Volkswagen operates under the banner of VW Trucks. Scania and MAN cover Europe, while Navistar is doing well in North America, but Japan remains unconquered. Volkswagen tested the waters …

Wabco News

Recently, Wabco has been releasing a lot of new and exciting news. As there is a growing number of vehicles equipped with Automated Manual Transmissions, Wabco is expanding its portfolio of repair kits and available Mercedes spare parts to meet the needs of the high-quality aftermarket Mercedes truck spare parts market. With two new repair kits for the 2-position cylinder, Wabco has closed the gap in the repair options for the Mercedes AMT 3rd generation. The kits have been available since August this year and include the 2 Mechanical kit and the 2 Sealing kit.

For Wabco customers this means …

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