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1,000th Mack Truck Built For Hanson

In Australia, Mack Trucks have just celebrated an impressive milestone. They have just had the pleasure of handing over the keys to the 1,000th Mack truck that has been built for Hanson. Hanson is one of Australia’s most well-known and iconic suppliers of construction materials.

Truck number 1,000 is a Trident AF model with a four-axel dog trailer. The new truck is expected to be put to work at Hanson’s Wiffdene Quarry in Queensland. The Wiffdene Quarry is not only one of the largest quarries in Australia, but one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

General Manager of logistics – Scott Tipping commented on the handover of the new truck stating that Hanson had developed firm ties with Mack Trucks over nearly 35 years. This partnership has enabled Hanson to fulfil their orders -and with quality Mack parts and engineering processes – assemble 1,000 Mack trucks.

Mr Tipping also commented that *One of the key reasons Hanson chooses Mack is because they build their trucks locally in Australia, which gives us the ability to customise the trucks for our different needs. Another big reason is the safety pack. Our trucks spend a significant amount of time on Australia’s highways, so collision mitigation technology is an added level of safety we are able to provide our drivers and road users. *

Hanson operates more than 70 quarries and 216 concrete plants in Australia, as well as a 1,750 strong logistics fleet as a part of their order fulfilment process. Hanson is part of the global Heidelberg Concrete Group.

Dean Bestwick who is the Vice President of Mack Trucks Australia stated that Mack is very proud to be able to provide Hanson with a range of trucks that are a reliable Australian made truck, these trucks are built to last and can deliver construction materials on time and safely to all Hanson Customers.

Mr Bestwick went on to say *Over three and a half decades working together, Mack has a deep understanding of Hanson’s operations, their requirements to be tough enough for the quarries, achieve maximum payload and keep road users safe. We are proud of this milestone and the relationship we have built with Hanson over this period. Our team is continuously working with Hanson to improve the trucks’ specs, to keep the drivers happy and deliver on what Hanson needs – which is a tough, reliable truck that gets the job done. *

As with all Australian built Mack Trucks, high-quality aftermarket Mack spares and Mack truck parts can be purchased from a spare parts stockist.


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