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WABCO Upgrades its ProVia Clutch Servos

While an increasing number of passenger vehicles are going automatic and electric, trucks still require manual operation. The weight, bulk, and complexity require a skilled driver who knows both the truck and the roads. And since the clutch is the centre of any manual vehicle, compliant clutch servos become a critical truck component.
When it comes to truck parts in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide, suppliers swear by ProVia clutch servos. This budget brand from WABCO offers superior quality and pocket-friendly prices. The clutch servos are consistent and universal, effortlessly fitting any truck brand. Though they’re relatively inexpensive, there is no compromise on safety standards.
If you’ve driven any manual car, you can imagine how much more physical force is required to engage the clutch in a truck. Fortunately, pneumatic clutch servos make this task much easier. A clutch servo uses hydraulics to engage the clutch with minimal effort. The clutch pedal becomes extremely sensitive to pressure, making it easier to apply or disengage.
This decreased foot power preserves the clutch pedal, letting it run much longer before it needs to be replaced, and eliminating clutch burnout.

As a source of truck parts, Australia has no equal, thanks to the proliferation of the ProVia clutch servos. These parts are compliant with hundreds of OEM truck brands, with the only variation being brake fluid and mineral oil.
As a pneumatic truck part, leakage is a major concern. If any of the pressurised gas seeps out, it can lead to accidents and expensive truck damage. ProVia clutch servos have a low-leakage rating and have been quality-tested for consistency.
Another potential clutch problem is corrosion, which can increase friction and compromise performance. The ProVia brand of servos has been tested for corrosion using the 96h Neutral Salt Spray test.
This clutch servo is specifically built and designed for aftermarket requirements. It can service a wide range of trucks including MAN, Mercedes, DAF, MAZ, Renault, and Scania.
ProVia is a budget line of truck parts from WABCO, and it was developed for just this reason. It enables trucks and heavy vehicles to access premium parts at affordable prices. With ProVia, you can be assured you are getting a top-quality aftermarket purchase.


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