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You Can Now Have Your Say on Driver Fatigue Exemption

Studies have shown that prolonged periods without sleep can have the same effect as being intoxicated. This is important for drivers of large vehicles. It means if they drive when they’re sleepy, they can do the same amount of damage as they would if they were drunk. For long-haul drivers of large vehicles, fatigue goes hand in hand with lack of sleep.

These drivers spend weeks at a time on the road. They often have no company, and they drive on unfamiliar roads maintaining the same position for most of the day. They experience intense fatigue, and since they’re not participating …

NSW Roller Brake Testing Transition Has Been Extended

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has a mandate to improve safety for the drivers of large vehicles, as well as other road users. Because of the size and speed of large vehicles, trucks in particular, deceleration is a significant safety concern. Drivers often underestimate the amount of time needed to come to a complete stop after hitting the brakes.

Braking distance standards are set through rigorous tests on various large vehicles, but these vehicles have different frames, features, and chassis. This makes results inconsistent and sometimes unreliable. Brake tests need to be universal to assure road safety standards and save …

PBS scheme discussion paper has been well received

The release of the PBS assessment discussion paper, by the National Transport Commission, has been well received, with the NHVR welcoming its release.

It is now almost ten years since the scheme began, and many feel it is time to start looking towards the future for the PBS, this is to ensure that all these vehicles continue making quite significant contributions towards managing the growth of the Australian freight industry.

The release of the PBS scheme discussion paper has highlighted some of the enormous productivity and safety benefits of PBS Vehicles….

Hengst technology aboard MAN Trucks

Hengst Technology on MAN Trucks: Multispares
MAN trucks and buses have recently launched a new series of D8 and D20 engines. These powerful diesel engines not only boast more power and ease of acceleration, but they also guarantee fuel efficiency. Their additional chambers do not translate into unnecessary fuel guzzling or unhinged noise levels. They have been built with function in mind.

The reason MAN has such an established reputation for large vehicles is that it never compromises stability for speed and style. The new engine options allow bursts of speed …

A detailed look into WABCO’s Aftermarket products and services

WABCO has established a reputation for high-quality large vehicle parts. If you’re looking truck parts, Sydney is the home base for many WABCO providers, partners, and authorised dealers. Because WABCO parts are known to be so exceptional, a multitude of counterfeits has filtered their way into the market.

WABCO air dryer cartridges are among the best around. Unfortunately, copies have been found at several truck parts dealers. We obtained samples of these copies and tested them against genuine WABCO parts. In every test, WABCO outshone the fake truck parts.

When you use counterfeit air dryer cartridges, you’re leaving yourself open to road …

The NHVR improves self-clearing defects

Operating a truck business can get quite expensive. In addition to fuel, licenses, cargo levies, maintenance costs, there’s the price of truck parts. The real trouble comes from unplanned expenses. These come in two forms – vehicular damage, defect notices and penalty notices.

While stopping at the Heavy Vehicle Safety Stations (HVSS) may seem like a nuisance, it does serve a purpose. It’s intended to ensure the safety of all road users, including the truck and bus drivers themselves. When the HVSS officers inspect your heavy vehicle, they are looking out for your interests, and that of other drivers and pedestrians.

As …

New Heavy Vehicle Chart

The NHVR recently released a new chart outlining the different heavy vehicle combinations – 39 in all, including information on a vehicle’s class, length and its weight limits.

This chart is extremely user-friendly and assists those, especially when choosing truck spares.

This new heavy vehicle chart has been designed to be user-friendly, to help everyone understand and comply with the new national heavy vehicle regulations. It is important that everyone has a much better understanding of the industry overall, especially for operators to gain a better understanding of the conditions needed to access the road network.

The new chart has been designed with …

Renewed Modification Guidelines to be Released

When you drive a truck for a living, your vehicle is not just your office. It’s also your home. You probably spend more time in that seat and cabin than you do anywhere else. So it’s only natural that you’d want to modify it to fit your needs or those of your employees if you operate a fleet.

There are lots of reasons why you may wish to modify your vehicle. You might want it to be safer, better equipped to carry out its purpose – maybe you simply want to brand it, so that it shows more of your company …

Bosch Long Haul Electric

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