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Traction and the Lifting Axle

A trailer full of cargo is standard trucking. But on the ride back, when the truck is empty, it becomes a risk. The reduced traction could make the empty trailer tip over at corners or sharp turns. It also affects fuel usage and vehicular wear and tear. DAF LF has resolved this problem via retractable axle technology using special air springs and suspension pivots. Fewer replacements of DAF truck parts will be necessary and longer durations between services could add up to thousands of dollars in savings.
Smoother rides for smaller loads
When the cargo haul is full, the DAF …

Mercedes Benz has taken the next step in the evolution of trucks

Vehicles designed for the European market tend to have high-end luxury features. It’s what Europeans expect, and heavy vehicle manufacturers are embracing this trend. After all, those hi-tech options may be even more helpful in larger vehicles than regular ones, because drivers have longer hours, and mishaps have more repercussions. Mercedes is abiding by this principle in its new Actros truck. Features are both practical and cosmetic.

Instead of standard side mirrors and their potential blind spots, the Actros has MirrorCam. This truck part is now standard in every Mercedes Actros and comprises of 15-inch screens …

Volkswagen is closer to becoming a global-truck-player

Volkswagen is looking to make tracks in the trucking world. To be labelled as a trucking powerhouse, a brand needs a valid presence in Japan, Europe, and the US. At the moment, Volkswagen has renamed its trucking wing Traton. Under this umbrella, Volkswagen has a large, gradually increasing stake in Navistar, giving it access to US markets.
Europe and Japan
Other global Traton trucks include MAN and Scania. In South America, Volkswagen operates under the banner of VW Trucks. Scania and MAN cover Europe, while Navistar is doing well in North America, …

Wabco News

Recently, Wabco has been releasing a lot of new and exciting news. As there is a growing number of vehicles equipped with Automated Manual Transmissions, Wabco is expanding its portfolio of repair kits and available Mercedes spare parts to meet the needs of the high-quality aftermarket Mercedes truck spare parts market. With two new repair kits for the 2-position cylinder, Wabco has closed the gap in the repair options for the Mercedes AMT 3rd generation. The kits have been available since August this year and include the 2 Mechanical kit and the 2 Sealing kit.

For …

Fuso announces the introduction of a comprehensive *ready-made* range

Ready-made trucks fitted with bodies so that they can go out to work straight away is becoming *all the rage* for truck manufacturers in Australia. There is nothing better than buying a truck straight from a dealership that is ready to work. Over the years this *trend* has become the norm, with more and more trucks prepared for sale – already fitted with a flat top, tipper or even a pan body.
This trend started nearly 20 years ago – thanks to Isuzu – with it’s Trade Pack brand of ready to go N Series models, today Fuso and …

The new DAF LF 6 X 2

Previewed recently at the Brisbane Show the new DAF LF 6X2 is all about the new model and lifting of the pusher axle. Unfortunately, in Australia, the concept of a pusher axle that can lift out of the way when it’s not needed is just something we are not used to. Simpler to engineer are lifting tag axles in the 6X2 and 6X4 space. In Australia, we deal with the 6.0 to 6.5-tonne front axle mass limit which has limited their popularity.

In Europe different front-axle weight rules make axle placement less critical. When European truck manufacturers are looking to import …

Isuzu in Australia – going for gold

Isuzu is fast approaching 30 years as a truck market leader in Australia. There are two reasons for Isuzu’s success in Australia –

The overall quality and durability of all the trucks in the range.
Isuzu is well known for its customer service and Isuzu truck part support thanks to the number of amazing dealerships scattered throughout Australia.

Isuzu and its dealers across Australia provide a product and service that is second to none. While achieving this level of customer satisfaction and maintaining that high standard hasn’t been easy they are determined to stay …

BMW M54 Oil Filter Comparison – Part 1

Comparing BMW M54 Oil Filters
Recently a comparison test was performed on three different OEM filters suitable for use in the BMW M54 Engine.

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer is defined as any company that has made an Original Equipment truck part, or, the company that has manufactured your truck. This is a relatively broad description, and OEM doesn’t always necessarily mean that it is something *good*.

For this test all the filters are high quality, all are made in Western Europe – although the Mann filters are now made in Mexico – and they are all made by the main three …

Mitsubishi Vs Hino Trucks

Let’s take a look at the Mitsubishi Fuso Vs the Hino Ranger; these are two heavy flatbed trucks.

Based in Japan, Hino motors have produced the Hino Ranger, and it is the only truck in Japan offering an automatic transmission. The intelligent Hino offers a fuel saving torque converter allowing the driver to adopt the driving style of an automatic transmission. The Hino company itself dates back to 1910, with the model TGE *A-type* truck the first motor vehicle produced by them in 1917.

The Mitsubishi Fuso Truck was first released in 1984 and was the successor to the FK series, …

Volvo Trucks strengthens its electromobility offer

If you’ve been following developments with Prius and Tesla, then you know electric cars are increasing in ability and popularity. What you might not know is electric trucks are in the mix too. In May 2018, Volvo released two new models of electric trucks – the Volvo FE and the Volvo FL. Volvo plans to launch wide-scale European sales in 2019, after testing them out in Sweden and Norway this year.
The two electric truck models were released within three weeks of each other, and while they utilise similar truck parts, their specs are slightly different. The FE has a range …

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