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Can you really afford cheap?

Is Cheap Really Affordable for You?
Whether you are repairing your truck yourself or having the work carried out by a professional mechanic – if you want new truck parts to last longer than a year always buy or insist on professional grade truck spare parts as they cost far less in the long run.

Recently Hengst parts were involved in a *road test* where they compared their genuine parts against *cheap* truck parts. Bench tests can be unreliable as often those doing the testing are looking for a particular outcome. However, a field test performed in Asia pitted an original …

BMW M54 Oil Filter Comparison – Part 2

Comparing BMW M54 Oil Filters – Part 2
Oil filter comparison continued. In part 1 we began our comparison and looked at the Mann oil filter in depth, today we conclude. Please remember that European truck manufacturers use all these companies for their OE Filter production.
The caps for this filter are made from plastic, just like the oil filter housing cap itself, while the gasket in the middle is rubber which presses nicely onto the oil filter housing and cap, and it seals well, with no seam inside. Unfortunately, the seam is on …

The most commonly requested spare parts for Japanese trucks

There are two popular bumper stickers that never fail to make you smile. The first states ‘the car in front is always a Toyota’. The second is often on a smaller car, like a Suzuki Alto or Starlet. It says ‘when I grow up, I want to be …’ then inserts a photo of a huge 4WD from the same manufacturer. They make us smile – even laugh – because they’re true, so we can all connect with them on some level.

The ubiquity of Japanese vehicles on the road isn’t restricted to small hatchbacks and off-roaders. The heavy vehicle …

Tips for sourcing spare parts for American trucks

Tips for Sourcing Spare Parts for American Trucks: Multispares
Most of the trucks on Australian roads are from Japan, but you’ll spot the occasional Mack or Chevrolet. You might also see Japanese brands sourced from factories in the US, which means their parts differ slightly from Japan-bought cars, and they might have left-hand drive. Keeping your American truck in shape can be a challenge though, because the factories are so far away and truck spare parts may not be as easily available.

Fortunately, you don’t need a …

Why demand for aftermarket truck parts is increasing

In some parts of the third world, car theft is a standard part of vehicle ownership. And they don’t just steal your car from the parking lot. Sometimes, you’ll be stuck in traffic and someone will run past, grabbing your side mirror as they go. Or if the gridlock is really bad, they’ll squat and pry off you headlights and wheel caps, knowing there’s no way you can get out and give chase.

In these parts of the world, there are known markets for spare parts, so you can drive out of traffic and straight to the shop. Sometimes, they’ll look …

JOINT RELEASE: PBS report highlights a decade of success

Road safety measures can be difficult to enforce, because truck drivers and fleet owners often feel like they’re being put on the defensive. As for vehicle manufacturers and truck parts suppliers, it can seem like excess expenditure. It’s not that they don’t care about truck safety and saving lives. It’s that many safety policies and regulations are developed in a vacuum.

Ordinarily, they’ll be designed through a bureaucratic process that is often far removed from the experience of actual drivers and fleet managers. These policies are often theoretical, based on conceptual observations rather than road testing. This approach not only …

Heavy vehicle safety tools launched

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has a somewhat intimidating name. After all, in many cases, a regulator is in direct confrontation with the entities that they … well … regulate. These regulators are largely responsible for creating and enforcing policies that affect the way their wards do business, and whether the issue is matching uniforms or truck spare parts, punitive measures can be harsh. This makes industry stakeholders wary of regulators.

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. When a regulator does their job well, they give you recommendations and mandatories, and the consequences of not following their …

Hengst receives the 5th award in a row in the International Aluminium Die Casting Competition

Hengst earns 5th award in Int’l Die Casting Contest: Multispares
For the fifth year in a row Hengst has received the International Aluminium Die Casting Competition Award, which makes them quite the *success story*. This is the fifth time Hengst has participated in the competition and the fifth time they have come out amongst the winners – one could certainly say *they are doing something right.*

An award of *special recognition* for the oil-coolant module for DAF utility motor vehicles was awarded to Hengst by a …

WABCO Australia 2018 training dates

WABCO Australia is pleased to announce their training dates for 2018. The training offered by WABCO will continue with the same support and service that WABCO offers all its customers through the WABCO Academy Programme.

For the last seven years, WABCO has run an extremely successful training course. This two-day course focuses on Trailer ABS and EBS with the course continuing to go from strength to strength. Since the WABCO course has been available in Australia over 1000 people have been taught and trained in the courses offered. The courses offered include SYSTEM INSIGHT AND TAILORED CONTENT. In addition to learning …

WABCO Foundation Brake Options

Aside from ignition, brakes are arguably one of the most crucial truck parts. Heavy vehicles need high-quality brakes because non-compliant brake parts can fail or underperform resulting in serious harm.

However, you don’t have to sell your kidney to acquire quality brake parts. If you find the right aftermarket parts, you can still get original quality components approved by original manufacturers, but at a price that fits your pocket. WABCO is one such supplier, and their parts are trusted by top vehicle manufacturers around the world.

WABCO designs and manufactures entire brake systems for heavy vehicles. Let’s take a …

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