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The All New Levelling Valve

WABCO Introduces New Levelling Valve
For heavy vehicles getting the right parts is essential. One slip up on the road could lead to massive fatalities and property damage. To make matters worse, using unsanctioned parts can void a warranty and cause problems with your insurance claims. You should always get compliant parts and have them correctly installed.

The question is: how can you tell the parts are ‘right’? If you’re hunting for truck parts, mechanics and industry insiders will suggest that you begin with trusted brands like WABCO.

If you approach an authorised aftermarket parts outlet, you can get original WABCO, Hino,

Volvo’s 60,000 Vehicles

Volvo’s Truck Manufacturing in Queensland Hits 60,000 Vehicles
With other vehicle manufacturing plants closing across Australia, you wouldn’t think that in another part of Australia that operations are kicking it into high gear. But, in fact, that is definitely the case in one small town in Queensland – Wacol. In this town, something a little bit remarkable in the current climate has happened. Vehicle manufacturing is stepping it up a notch.

At the Volvo Group Australia’s production facility, they’ve recently celebrated hitting 60,000 trucks being produced in the plant. While the regular car industry has slowed production to a halt, the truck …

Much Needed Updates

WABCO Product Updates
WABCO has recently released two new truck parts which can be purchased directly from Wabco distributors.

When it comes to aftermarket truck parts a new Volvo Hand Brake Valve has been released. WABCO has released two variants for Volvo vehicles. These variants have been redesigned and re-released for the Independent Aftermarket to ensure full compliance with original equipment standards.

The two variants released by WABCO are technically identical to the current Original Equipment hand brake valves on the market. The only difference is the removal of the original branding logo.

When it comes to function, absolutely nothing has changed. The …

Over 3 Million in Place to Support Heavy Vehicle Safety

Funding boost for heavy vehicle safety project
With two rounds of the programme already completed, the NHVR has called for submissions before heading into the third round of funding to support the industry-led safety projects. To date, there has been already 7.72 million dollars invested in 17 projects. These projects have been put in place to improve safety for heavy vehicle drivers, operators and general road users.

Tanya McDonald who is the NHVR’s Executive Director Strategy & Stakeholder Relations manager has stated that the programme is going to continue to support current and future safety initiatives that are set to benefit both …

Keeping Roads Safe

The NHVR online portal is recognised at National awards
Keeping the roads safe is an intense undertaking. It’s achieved through the joint contribution of drivers, truck owners, and regulatory bodies. The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is a big part of this. Under the leadership of its CEO, Sal Petroccitto, it initiates and implements safety policies and requirements.

Part of the NHVR’s mandate is to issue licenses and permits for heavy vehicles. Truck parts must comply with Australian safety standards as there is no mandating of original equipment parts or aftermarket equivalents and the NHVR does a good job monitoring compliance.

Around …

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