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Nikola Electric Truck May Be Heading to Australia

It was recently reported in Diesel News that the new Nikola electric truck may be headed to Australia. Produced by Nikola – a pioneering brand in America – the new cabover electric truck release has been aimed directly at both the Asia Pacific and European truck markets.

Nikola is not content with working just in the American truck market and along with a prototype electric over-the-road truck tractor for North America, there are plans to put the brand on a cabover model for markets in the Asia Pacific and European markets …

Scania’s First Autonomous Truck in Australia

Currently underway at Rio Tinto’s Dampier Salt Operations in Western Australia is a test programme for a new generation of autonomous transport systems using the first autonomous truck in Australia, manufactured by Scania. In August 2018 the first phase of the testing trial began using a Scania XT 8×4 autonomous tipper truck. This truck is working separately from Dampier’s active operations.

A safety driver is riding inside the vehicle during this initial stage, this is so a real person can observe the trucks performance, and, if need be, intervene should there be any issues or problems. During different phases of the …

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