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Euroricambi Transmission Systems for Commercial Vehicles

The heavy-duty vehicles in Australia are designed to withstand the country’s extreme weather and terrain. This enables them to cover the long distances between major cities and ports with minimal downtime.

Euroricambi Transmission Systems

The trucking industry down under is also supported by a versatile aftermarket industry for commercial vehicles. It gives drivers and fleet operators direct access to high-quality technicians and affordable aftermarket parts for trucks. Any improvement in a truck’s performance can improve profits significantly.

A truck’s transmission system is responsible for conveying the engine’s power to its wheels. It consists of …

Guide to Choosing the Right Coolant for Your Truck

Australia has one of the most competitive commercial vehicle industries in the world. The country’s vast landmass requires trucks to cover long distances between cities and ports. They also experience extreme weather conditions all year round. The optimal performance of the truck depends on the regular maintenance of all its components.


A truck’s cooling system has a significant role in its overall performance. Poor cooling system maintenance is responsible for almost 50% of all truck engine problems. This article outlines the main factors to consider when choosing a coolant fluid for your truck. Read on …

V.Orlandi Trailer components for Commercial Vehicles

Driving trailers across the Australian outback takes an immense amount of skills. The varied terrain and extreme weather conditions can be challenging to navigate. This is especially true for trailers with complex configurations such as A and B type prime movers.

Trailer components

Apart from skilled drivers, commercial vehicle companies need reliable aftermarket parts for trucks and trailers. To deliver their cargo safely, the trailers need to offer stability in all driving conditions.

V. Orlandi …

HELLA Lighting Solutions for Trucks

Truck drivers in Australia cover long distances to deliver their cargo all over the country. In many cases, they need to drive at night to save time. These truckers need reliable lighting systems when driving at night or in poor lighting conditions. High-quality lighting solutions are vital especially when visibility is low due to bad weather.

This article highlights HELLA’s world-class lighting solutions for commercial vehicles. Features that enhance visibility are among the most important safety solutions in the trucking industry. They help to increase the drivers’ reaction speed and confidence behind the wheel.
A …

Bosch Electric Starter Motors and Alternators for Trucks

Powering Your Truck with Bosch Electric Starter Motors and Alternators
The common assumption, if your truck is having problems starting, is that your battery is dead. Yet, starting problems can point to a wide variety of issues. If your truck still has trouble starting after recharging your battery, you should check your starter or alternator.

Motors and Alternators for Trucks

Starters, alternators and batteries are closely related and have similar failure indicators. It can be difficult to know what challenge your truck has without the right set of skills. In this article, we will review Bosch’s …

Valeo Cooling for Trucks

Heavy-duty trucks and trailers are a common sight along the Australian highways and outback roads. Australian cities are dynamic business hubs separated by long stretches of land. Trucks and trailers are the primary mode of transport for goods between these cities. Easy access to quality aftermarket parts for European trucks helps to reduce their downtime.


Cooling systems are among the most vulnerable truck systems in the region. The long distances, extreme weather and harsh conditions strain conventional cooling systems. Valeo is one of the leading providers of …

WABCO AMT Solutions for Trucks

Truck owners and fleet managers can effectively improve profitability by lowering their operating and maintenance expenses through better use of advanced technology and high-quality aftermarket parts for trucks.


This article focuses on Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) solutions for commercial vehicles. This technology is effective at lowering fuel consumption, reducing maintenance costs and improving the comfort of truck drivers. Read on if you would like to know more about the AMT technology.
What is an Automated Manual Transmission System?
A truck’s transmission system is the bridge between the engine and its wheels. …

Dayco Cooling for Trucks

Truck production companies outsource the manufacture of minor components of their vehicles. This allows them to focus on the major design and performance aspects of their trucks. This trend has led to the rapid growth of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket industry for trucks.


OEMs develop vehicle components that are installed directly into the truck during the manufacturing process. They also produce components that are sold to dealerships and garages as aftermarket replacement parts for the same trucks. This is done to facilitate the maintenance and repair of trucks when the original …

The All-New Dana AU70 SLS

Just three years after setting up their new head office in Melbourne, Dana Australia is making headlines with its new developments. The company has successfully manufactured a brand new Australian-made 46K drive head for local applications.

New Dana AU70 SLS

Dana is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket parts for European trucks like IVECO, SCANIA and VOLVO. By expanding its operations in Australia, Dana is strengthening its foundations in the region. Truck operators can rest assured that the brand is serious …

Jaltest Diagnostics

Modern trucks and buses come equipped with smart computers and many electronic components. These systems are essential for improving your vehicle’s performance and reducing their operating costs.

Jaltest Diagnostics

Incorporating electronic devices in commercial vehicles has advanced the industry significantly. It is now easier to optimize your fleet and minimize losses throughout your operation.

Vehicle maintenance is a vital aspect of optimizing your fleet’s profitability. Yet, the complexity of modern trucks and buses makes it challenging to identify problems without an advanced diagnostic tool. Jaltest is the producer of one of the world’s leading diagnostic tools for …

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