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All about KYB Shock Absorbers

Insights into KYB Shock Absorbers for Enhanced Vehicle Performance

All about KYB Shock Absorbers

When it comes to shock absorbers for Japanese trucks such as Hino, Isuzu, Fuso and UD, KYB is the world’s most dominant brand. Considering how popular Japanese trucks are in the Australian and New Zealand transport and trucking industry, it’s little wonder that so many people choose KYB when they need aftermarket parts for Japanese trucks.

Here’s …

BPW Trailer Axles and Suspensions for Heavy Vehicles

Enhancing Heavy Vehicle Performance with BPW Trailer Axles and Suspensions

Backed by German engineering, BPW is a brand you should know about, especially if you’re in the market for heavy vehicle trailer axle and suspension components and spare parts.

BPW Trailer Axles and Suspensions for Heavy Vehicles

Who is BPW?

BPW Transpec is a trailer parts manufacturing company based in Melbourne, Victoria, with …

Truck Spotlight: Fuso

Australia and New Zealand have long been strong markets for all four Japanese truck brands; Hino, Isuzu, Fuso and UD. This spotlight is focusing on Fuso and Fuso truck parts.

Truck Spotlight Fuso

Who is Fuso?

Fuso is a popular truck brand, especially in the light and medium duty truck segments. Fuso falls under the banner of the Daimler Truck Group, which also incorporates Freightliner and Mercedes-Benz …

Why Choose Garrett Turbochargers?

If you operate a Japanese truck, or indeed a fleet of Japanese trucks, you already know about their longevity and durability in tough conditions. You also probably want turbochargers that can deliver a stronger boost without significant energy loss. These days operators are also looking for more environmentally-friendly ways to do business, and that means reducing CO2 emissions. Garrett’s latest turbochargers feature advanced technology to keep emissions down and power up.

Why Choose Garrett Turbochargers

Who is …

All About FUWA K Hitch: Axles, Suspensions and More

Exploring FUWA K Hitch’s Axles, Suspensions, And Additional Features

FUWA K Hitch is a popular brand of axles, suspensions and much more. Specialising in delivering parts to trucking industries that operate in harsh environments, they represent a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution for Australian and New Zealand customers. Let’s take a further look at FUWA K Hitch and what they’re all about.

Who is FUWA

FUWA is a global manufacturer of axles, landing gear sets and suspensions, as well as fifth wheels, …

Truck Make Spotlight on HINO

Hino trucks are the second highest-selling truck in Australia and New Zealand, known for reliability, innovation, performance and safety. Below we provide background on the success of Hino trucks and outline the role played by the availability of Hino parts.

Spotlight on HINO

Who is HINO?

Hino is a global truck and heavy vehicle manufacturer founded in 1942 in Tokyo. The first plant opened in Hino, a district within Tokyo, and since then, the …

Understanding Norman G Clark Cooling Systems

An engine’s cooling system plays many key roles in the efficient function of heavy vehicles. It helps to improve fuel economy, increases horsepower, improves driver comfort, reduces emissions and, most importantly, allows for greater vehicle uptime. When you’re looking for quality cooling system components such as fans, fan clutches and fan clutch repair kits, the name used in most American truck engines is Horton.

Understanding Norman G Clark Cooling Systems

In Australia, Horton fans and fan clutches are manufactured by Norman G Clark, …

Benefit from the Comprehensive Range of GP Truck Products

How Your Fleet Can Benefit from GP Truck Products

When you’re looking for a huge range of ADR 38/05 compliant trailer parts, one of Australia’s major suppliers is GP Truck Products. They offer a large range of service fittings that are generic to all European and American truck and trailer combinations. Not to mention, they’re Australian-owned and operated.

Let’s find out more about GP Truck products and its range.

GP Truck Products

Who is GP Truck products?…

Truck Make Spotlight: Mack

Mack is a name that’s become synonymous with heavy-duty vehicles over the years. So much so, in fact, it’s common to hear Mack Trucks being referred to colloquially in conversation. It is a testament to how well known the Mack name is, namely for its strength and durability.

Truck Make Spotlight Mack

Mack has been manufacturing vehicles in Australia since 1963 and has consistently been one of the largest heavy-duty vehicle suppliers in the country. Let’s take a look at what makes Mack Trucks so great….

Eaton Clutches for American Trucks

Heavy-duty trucks and commercial vehicles have so many different moving parts. It’s difficult to say which of these is most important because, ultimately, a heavy vehicle is made up of several critical systems that provide power, safety and performance. Of course, clutches are one of these crucial components.

The clutch’s main function is to transmit torque from a rotating motor to a transmission, allowing for the shifting of gears. Needless to say, quality is essential when considering aftermarket clutches and, indeed, all aftermarket parts for trucks.

Eaton is a company …

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