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Truck Make Spotlight: Kenworth

Truck Make Spotlight: Kenworth – Multispares

When you think about heavy-duty trucks, the name Kenworth automatically springs to mind. Even people with no connection to the trucking industry have no doubt heard of Kenworth. It’s a testament to the quality and reliability of Kenworth trucks.

But what exactly makes Kenworth so good? In a market with plenty of vehicle options, why do so many people choose Kenworth? One key aspect of the brand’s success is the use of high-quality parts and components in its vehicles, all of which are readily …

Truck Make Spotlight: Isuzu

Truck Make Spotlight: Isuzu – Multispares

Isuzu might be a globally known name in the trucking industry, but they’re also the highest-selling truck brand in Australia. This is largely due to their extensive range of trucks available in this country, with many operators overseas wishing they had the Isuzu options we’re blessed with in Australia.

But what makes Isuzu so great? Certainly, a wide range of models is a big part of it. But with a large model range also comes a large availability of aftermarket parts for Isuzu …

What is the Purpose of a Fault Reader?

Modern heavy vehicles have so many different moving parts, but they also have a lot of electronics that support these systems. Whether it’s the engine, transmission or braking systems, faults are generally diagnosed electronically. To properly identify vehicle issues, truck operators use diagnostic tools known as fault readers or fault clearers.

Truck electronic control units (ECUs) typically generate fault codes when something is performing suboptimally. Rather than performing a lot of hands-on investigation, operators can read these fault codes to give them vital information about truck issues.

What are OBD …

High-Quality Trailer Parts from BPW

Most people who are in the market for truck and trailer parts understand the importance of choosing quality over price. High-quality trailer parts are essential for safe vehicle operation, so it’s always worth investing in the best.

BPW is a market leader in the development, design and manufacture of high-performance trailer parts for heavy vehicles. Complete with famous German engineering, these products are a must for any truck owner who values performance, safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Who is BPW?

BPW Transpec in Australia and BPW Transport Efficiency …

Truck Safety Technology with Knorr

Truck Safety Technology with Knorr: Multispares

The performance of braking systems in commercial vehicles is paramount. Knorr-Bremse understands this, which is why they’ve been leading the way in the development of world-class braking systems for over 100 years.

Who is Knorr-Bremse?

The Knorr-Bremse Group is based in Germany, where it was founded 110 years ago. The company is known as the world’s leading manufacturer of braking systems, and it also supplies sub-systems for a range of rail and commercial vehicle applications. The company has been focused …

Mirrors for Japanese Trucks

When buying replacement mirrors for Japanese trucks, it’s a good idea to get quality parts designed specifically for those vehicles. Of course, every truck brand is different, featuring different designs and subtle changes in mirror arms and mirror positioning. For safety and function, you should always ensure you fit the right aftermarket mirrors.

Whether you need aftermarket parts for Hino trucks, Isuzu trucks or Fuso trucks, you need to know which mirrors and mirror parts to buy for your specific vehicle. The brand of the mirror isn’t necessarily important. But what is …

Alfred Heyd Steering

Everything You Need To Know About Alfred Heyd Steering

When it comes to aftermarket parts for European trucks, or any type of heavy vehicle for that matter, the steering control system is one of the most important. Without reliable, durable steering products, the steering system can become less responsive and drivers can find themselves in a lot of trouble when making split-second decisions on the road. A responsive steering system reduces the risk of accidents and can even save lives.

In Australia and New Zealand where trip distances can …

Air Brake Systems for Trucks and Trailers

Truck and Trailer Air Brake Systems: Everything You Need to Know

When you need aftermarket parts for trucks and buses, brake parts are among the most critical and require particular care. Heavy vehicles operate with air brakes and keeping the air brake system well-maintained and functioning safely requires quality replacement parts for the brake controls, brake actuators and the friction products (brake pads or brake linings).

Air brake systems consist of many components and fittings, all of which need to be in good working order. Let’s take a …

Importance of Kraiburg Rubber

An industry leader, Kraiburg has been developing, producing and supplying technical rubber and silicone compounds for truck parts globally since 1947. Their products are used within the truck and bus industry and include thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) for automotive interiors, exteriors and powertrains, as well as the retreading of tyres. Importantly, they are also a major supplier to both OE and aftermarket air spring manufacturers where their rubber technology improves durability and extends the operating life.


Kraiburg’s retreading materials have been tailored specifically to suit the individual applications for which …

The Importance of Air System Protectors

A truck brake system is an integral safety feature, so it is essential to take protective and preventative measures to properly maintain this system and increase its longevity.

What is an air system protector?

An air system protector or ASP is a type of compressed air system filter that prevents moisture, aerosols and oil particles from entering the air brake controls. These contaminants pose risks and will compromise the efficiency of your system if not properly managed.

ASPs have been commonly used as a protective measure for European …

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