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All About Koyorad Radiators

A Detailed Look At Koyorad Radiators

Truck operators in Australia and New Zealand need access to the best Japanese truck parts. Fortunately, when it comes to Japanese truck radiators, Koyorad has got you covered.

All About Koyorad Radiators

Who is Koyorad? 

Koyorad started its life as Ejiri Radiator Industries in Nagoya, Japan, in 1956. Within three years, the company had rebranded to Koyo Radiator Manufacturing …

High-Quality Truck Filters from Nippon Max

High-Quality Truck Filters from Nippon Max: Multispares

For Japanese truck owners, there’s one name you need to remember when it comes to replacing your filters: Nippon Max.

High-Quality Range of Truck Filters from Nippon Max

What types of filters does Nippon Max manufacture?

Nippon Max offers a comprehensive range of filters for Japanese trucks, including air, oil, fuel and cabin filters. They are manufactured to International Standard ISO9001:2015, providing confidence for truck owners of high standards of …

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