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The Advantage of MK Kashiyama Disc Brake Pads

If you’re looking for Japanese truck parts, you understand the importance of quality. Parts made from quality components built for durability can significantly reduce maintenance and running costs. You’ll also know how much pressure goes through the braking system of your trucks every single day, making this a key area of focus. That’s why we’re proud to recommend MK Kashiyama disc brake pads for better performance and longer life.

Disc Brake Pads

All brake pads made to OEM specifications

MK Kashiyama is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for many Japanese truck brands. That means when you buy a brand-new truck, you’re likely to find MK Kashiyama brakes already installed. So, when looking for spare truck parts, it makes sense to seek out the original equipment.


So, whether you’re after Hino truck parts, Isuzu truck parts, or any other Japanese truck parts, you’ll get much better performance and lifespan from the original manufacturer. That’s why it makes sense to choose MK Kashiyama.


MK Kashiyama covers a huge range of Japanese trucks

It’s extremely convenient that MK Kashiyama already provides the original brakes for truck brands like Hino, Fuso, Isuzu and UD. It means that no matter what replacement truck parts you need, you can get them made exactly to specification. It’s also not uncommon for large fleet owners to have different truck models, so it’s certainly less complicated if you can access your truck parts from one supplier and be confident they match the OEM specifications.


Extra strength and durability

Naturally, when you source original parts, you’re getting something that’s custom-made for your specific vehicle. That’s not always the case when choosing generic brands and replacements. Particularly in brake components, you want strength and reliability. It’s a major function of your truck, and you want to feel confident in their ability to stand up to frequent braking under pressure.


One of the best ways to ensure the strength and durability of your MK Kashiyama disc brake pads is to fit them with the right wheel cylinder and brake drums. In most Japanese trucks, we recommend TBK wheel cylinders and brake drums for maximum strength and performance.


Exceptional quality control

MK Kashiyama takes quality control seriously. They consider brake parts to be important parts of a truck’s safety system. As such, they rigorously test all of their products before going to market. Quality control begins in their development phase, taking into account the requirements of the vehicle itself. From there, there is extensive testing throughout the production process, taking into consideration aspects such as hardness, adhesion of lining, the roughness of grind surface, and overall appearance and dimension. So, with MK Kashiyama, you know you’re getting tried and tested quality gear.


Get the right products and save costly repairs

Finally, perhaps the biggest advantage of using MK Kashiyama disc brake pads is the money you’ll save on repairs. Changing brake components is a costly business, so you don’t want to be doing it any more often than necessary. Buying products that are built to last is a sure way to reduce maintenance and operating costs in the long term.

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