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Alfred Heyd Steering: A Comprehensive Overview

A truck’s steering control system is a crucial component that enables the driver to manoeuvre the vehicle safely and efficiently. This system consists of multiple steering components that require proper maintenance and replacement with high quality aftermarket parts sourced from an OE approved manufacturer.

When you source steering system parts, opting for reputable brands like Alfred Heyd will cost you less in the long run and give you peace of mind. Let’s take a look at Alfred Heyd’s aftermarket steering parts, and what makes them a reliable choice for your fleet.

About The Brand

Alfred Heyd, a German company founded in 1931, has been a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of steering and suspension components for the automotive industry. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Alfred Heyd became a leading supplier of steering parts to vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket parts suppliers worldwide.

Alfred Heyd Steering Components

Alfred Heyd Steering offers a comprehensive range of steering components, including:

1. Tie Rod Ends

Tie rod ends connect the steering rack or gearbox to the wheel hub. They play a crucial role in transmitting steering force from the steering wheel to the front wheels, allowing the vehicle to turn smoothly.

Alfred Heyd’s truck tie rod ends are designed to be robust, durable, and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring a long service life and consistent performance.

2. Drag Links

Drag links, also known as centre links or relay rods, connect the pitman arm to the steering arm. They help maintain the correct alignment of the front wheels and ensure that the steering system functions efficiently.

Alfred Heyd’s drag links are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the stresses and strains of everyday truck operation, providing consistent and reliable performance.

3. Ball Joints

Ball joints connect the control arm to the steering knuckle, allowing the wheels to move up and down while maintaining a connection with the steering system. They ensure smooth and stable handling and maintain proper wheel alignment.

Alfred Heyd’s ball joints are designed to provide exceptional durability, performance, and reliability, ensuring vehicles can safely navigate various driving conditions.

4. Axial Joints

Axial joints, also known as inner tie rod ends, link the steering rack to the outer tie rod ends. They transfer the steering force from the steering rack or gear box to the front wheels, allowing the vehicle to turn smoothly.

Advancements in Alfred Heyd Steering Technology

Some of the key innovations and improvements in Alfred Heyd Steering technology include:

  • Material advancements: Alfred Heyd uses advanced materials and manufacturing processes to create steering components that are lightweight, strong, and durable. This not only enhances the performance of the steering system but also reduces the overall weight of the vehicle, leading to improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.
  • Precision engineering: Alfred Heyd’s steering components are designed and manufactured with extreme precision, ensuring they fit perfectly and function seamlessly within a vehicle’s steering system. This attention to detail improves handling, stability, and safety for drivers.
  • Quality control: The brand is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in its products. The company employs stringent quality control measures throughout manufacturing, ensuring that each steering component meets or exceeds automotive industry standards.

Impact on the Automotive Industry

Alfred Heyd’s focus on innovation and continuous improvement has helped drive advancements in steering technology, leading to more efficient, lightweight, and durable steering systems.


Alfred Heyd Steering sets a high standard for reliable steering components that enhance truck performance and safety. With a commitment to innovation, precision engineering, and quality control, Alfred Heyd should be your go-to for high-quality aftermarket parts for Volvo trucks, Scania trucks and Mercedes trucks.

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