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All About FUWA K Hitch: Axles, Suspensions and More

FUWA K Hitch is a popular brand of axles, suspensions and much more. Specialising in delivering parts to trucking industries that operate in harsh environments, they represent a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution for Australian and New Zealand customers. Let’s take a further look at FUWA K Hitch and what they’re all about.

Who is FUWA

FUWA is a global manufacturer of axles, landing gear sets and suspensions, as well as fifth wheels, king pins, slack adjusters and more heavy truck and trailer components. While their global operations are based in China, the brand has long had an association with this region. In fact, Australia serves as the testing ground for many of its products, due to the particularly harsh conditions. It’s the perfect place to test new products and design components with maximum durability.

More specifically, FUWA K Hitch is a subsidiary of the global company, and it started operations as a designer and supplier of components to the Western Australian mining and trucking industries. Today, the brand maintains a close connection to Australia’s mining and trucking industries but has expanded considerably.

Not only does the Australian FUWA office handle sales and distribution of all FUWA products, but also completes the final assembly of the K Hitch range of brakes, axles, spring suspensions and airbags.

FUWA K Hitch Products

Fuwa K Hitch provides a range of truck and trailer parts and components to support both the Australian and New Zealand trucking industries. Most commonly, you’ll find FUWA K Hitch axles used in local trailer markets, featuring on semi-trailers, dog trailers, B-doubles and road trains. Built tough and with performance in mind, FUWA K Hitch provides a comprehensive range of truck and trailer parts, including:

  • Axles
  • Suspension
  • Fifth wheels
  • Ballrace turntables
  • King pins
  • Tow couplings
  • Landing legs
  • Drawbar eyes
  • Plus more

Axles are certainly the biggest part of FUWA K Hitch’s production, offering axles with drum brakes, disc brakes and even a self-steer axle.

The Benefits of FUWA K Hitch Parts

Perhaps one of the best things about FUWA K Hitch products is their longevity. In fact, the company even offers a one-million-kilometre warranty, such is its confidence in these products. Naturally, such a warranty has been met with scepticism, however many customers are reporting that their FUWA K Hitch axles last well beyond one million kilometres before trailer axle bearings need to be changed.

Another factor is the variety and use of applications. FUWA K Hitch unitised hub and disc brake axles, for example, can be used in a wide range of truck and trailer combinations. They also operate exceptionally well in tough conditions, whether on sealed or unsealed roads.

Maintenance and Installation

One of the other reasons people love FUWA K Hitch products is the extensive documentation regarding their use and application. Specifically, we’re talking about installation guides and maintenance requirements. Most companies with a large fleet of vehicles take care of their own truck maintenance, and find good maintenance practices and using only high-quality trailer parts results in the long working life of FUWA K Hitch products and less downtime.

If you’re looking for FUWA K Hitch parts and accessories, you won’t have to go far, because they’re easily accessible across Australia and New Zealand.

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