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All about KYB Shock Absorbers

Insights into KYB Shock Absorbers for Enhanced Vehicle Performance

When it comes to shock absorbers for Japanese trucks such as Hino, Isuzu, Fuso and UD, KYB is the world’s most dominant brand. Considering how popular Japanese trucks are in the Australian and New Zealand transport and trucking industry, it’s little wonder that so many people choose KYB when they need aftermarket parts for Japanese trucks.

Here’s what you need to know about Japan’s KYB.

Who is KYB

KYB began its life as the Kayaba Research Centre in Japan. Initially, the company specialised in hydraulic dampers and catapults for aircraft but quickly evolved. Progressively, KYB became more focused on the auto industry, however, even today, they maintain a very strong presence in the world of hydraulic engineering for a number of industries.

The brand became well-known in the auto industry, particularly for shock absorbers and from the early 2000s, KYB products became more prevalent in the Australian and New Zealand markets. But one area the brand has dominated for a number of years is OEM manufacturing of shock absorbers.

With over a century of experience and innovation behind them, KYB is now the leading OEM supplier of shock absorbers and other Japanese truck parts.

KYB shock absorbers

While KYB certainly manufactures a lot more than just shock absorbers, they remain known mostly for these products. In fact, the brand proudly recognises that 1 in 2 Japanese passenger vehicles uses its shocks, and 1 in 5 light commercial vans are built from new with KYB shocks.

However, their dominance extends further in the light and medium-duty truck market as an OEM supplier to Hino, Isuzu, Fuso and UD trucks. One of the most popular KYB shocks for trucks is their Tena Force.

Tena Force

The Tena Force range of shock absorbers was originally created as a heavy-duty upgrade for vehicles with enhanced leaf springs to enable them to carry heavier payloads.

Comprising a 35mm bore, the Tena Force also includes an increased oil capacity to minimise overheating and fade-out during operation. If you’re operating a heavy vehicle, shock absorbers are extremely important to ensure a smooth ride and minimise damaging vibrations, and that’s why many Japanese trucks use the KYB Tena Force shocks.

KYB Premium

Another popular option for heavy vehicle owners is the KYB Premium shock absorbers. No matter how much hard work you put your vehicle through, KYB Premium oil-only shocks are always a solid choice. Not only do they give great performance, but they’re specifically designed to compensate for the wear and tear on other parts of the suspension. So, even as your suspension gets older and starts to wear, KYB Premium shock absorbers are still working hard to provide you with better steering and driving comfort. If you need aftermarket parts for Japanese trucks, KYB offers some excellent choices, and the ones listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. So, the best thing to do is speak to your trusted aftermarket truck parts dealer and get the one that’s perfect for your needs

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