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Another WABCO Update

WABCO Updates its ProVia Cab Levelling Valves

Over the years, WABCO has established itself as a quality supplier of truck parts. Since many consumers associate quality with high cost, WABCO took a step to assuage their concerns and make itself more accessible. In 2016, it introduced the ProVia line of high quality, low-cost vehicle parts. It offers the heavy vehicle industry premium parts at budget prices.

If you’re shopping for truck parts in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, you can access a reliable supply of ProVia cabin levelling valve. Their features include a safety guarantee and the promise of a quieter drive. ProVia cab levelling valves have low noise levels that are compliant with environmental regulations. These make driving more comfortable, both for truckers and other road users.

Like all ProVia parts, these cab levelling valves have a long shelf life. They are made from polymers and robust ceramics that can function for a long time before they require replacement. They also need minimal maintenance, which cuts down your vehicular expenses. In this sense, ProVia minimises costs in three ways.

One, the initial price of the product is relatively low. Two, it requires minimal mechanical upkeep. Three, ProVia cab levelling gauges have lightweight components and use minimal air, all of which lead to better mileage per litre of fuel. This cuts the trucks running costs.

The truck part that enables drivers to sit in relative comfort is the cab levelling valve (CLV). It’s a pneumatic system that maintains the level and position of the driver’s cabin, regardless of trailer size or road condition. ProVia CLVs are exclusively designed for aftermarket use. They have no bells and whistles, but they offer superior comfort at budget prices.

There are six ProVia CLV variants. Between them, they serve the entire range of light, medium, and heavy trucks and buses. They are globally distributed so you can find them almost anywhere at your authorised Wabco distributor.

The previously mentioned ceramic and polymer CLV housing is proven and tested for anti-corrosion, using the 96 hour Neutral Salt Spray test. This prevents the discomfort and clunky noise of rusted cab parts. The valves are dynamically sealed, so they don’t need much maintenance.

They operate at pressures of 11 to 14 bar, within a temperature range of -40 to 150 degrees, making them suitable for a whole plethora of Aussie weather conditions. ProVia CLVs can service truck brands that include DAF, Ford, Kogel, Scania, Iveco, Renault, Daimler, MAN, Evobus, and Volvo.


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