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Benefit from the Comprehensive Range of GP Truck Products

When you’re looking for a huge range of ADR 38/05 compliant trailer parts, one of Australia’s major suppliers is GP Truck Products. They offer a large range of service fittings that are generic to all European and American truck and trailer combinations. Not to mention, they’re Australian-owned and operated.

Let’s find out more about GP Truck products and its range.

GP Truck Products

Who is GP Truck products?

General Pneumatic, was founded in 1992 in Melbourne, with a key focus on product for building and maintaining high-quality braking systems. With much of their work centred on service fittings and components for American and European trucks, it became clear that a new division was needed. As a result, GP Truck Products was formed in 2011 to supply truck and trailer parts, particularly brake system parts, to major channels for OE and aftermarket parts.

While the General Pneumatics name is well known for products that help to remove contamination from air systems, GP Truck Products focuses more on sourcing the very best parts for the Australian truck and trailer industry.

Many of their Australian-made parts, such as the DOT-approved brass air fittings, are manufactured by Precision Components, a Redline Engineering company.

A comprehensive range

The range on offer from GP Truck Products is quite impressive, including most brake service fittings for American and European trucks and trailers. As always, we recommend contacting your trusted aftermarket parts supplier to source these products, ensuring you are getting the right quality and application. The GP Truck Products range includes:

·        Air brake tubes

·        Ball valves

·        Composite fittings

·        Brass air fittings

·        Couplings

·        DumpMaster drain valves

·        Rubber hoses

·        Safety gear

·        Suzi Coil – CoilMaster

·        TruckMaster air brake filtration

·        Plus, many more

This is just a brief snapshot, of course, so let’s take a look at some of their more popular items.

TruckMaster Filter

The TruckMaster is General Pneumatics’ answer for keeping air brake systems free of contaminants such as water, sludge, oil and carbon. Unlike traditional air driers, TruckMaster actually removes moisture and contaminants from the air brake system. In a normal air drying system, water and contaminants are collected in the desiccant, but this gradually reduces the system’s capacity to remove moisture from the air.

Best of all, the TruckMaster requires no replacement filters, chemicals or desiccants. It’s available for all 12v and 24v systems, and only requires servicing every 120,000kms. There are also no purge tanks or purge cycles, or expensive cartridges to worry about, making it a low-maintenance, hassle-free solution for all trucks running air brake systems.

DumpMaster Drain Valve

The DumpMaster drain valve can be used in conjunction with the TruckMaster filter to create the ultimate system for removing contaminants from air brake systems. The drain valve effectively removes moisture and water from the air brake system, operating on a 6-minute cycle.

Made from aircraft-quality aluminium, it works with 12v and 24v systems and is tough and durable. You’ll want to have it serviced twice a year, but this is a minor expense considering the important role this product plays in keeping your air brake system healthy.

If you’re in the market for quality aftermarket parts for trucks, particularly American and European truck parts, consider GP Truck Products – a reputable and locally-owned air brake component supplier.

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