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The Benefits of Garrett Turbochargers

Exploring The Advantages of Garrett Turbochargers

When you need aftermarket parts for Japanese and European trucks, you should only settle for the best. That’s where Garrett Turbochargers come in. For superior performance and durability, Garrett is the dominant force in turbochargers for Hino and Isuzu trucks. In fact, they’re one of the world’s leading manufacturers of turbochargers for most Japanese and European trucks.


Turbochargers for commercial vehicles have become crucial in the race to lower emissions while increasing efficiency. With advanced technology, Garrett turbochargers are designed to deliver a stronger boost with less energy loss and a longer operating life. What more could you want?

Sticking with Garrett

If you need to replace an original Garrett turbocharger, it’s strongly recommended that you use the right truck parts from the original manufacturer. That’s why we recommend Garrett over other aftermarket turbochargers, especially for Hino and Isuzu trucks. When your vehicle is already equipped with Garrett, it pays to stay with the same manufacturer.

It’s also important with parts such as turbochargers to practice preventative replacement rather than waiting for disaster. This minimises your risk of serious mechanical failure and considerable downtime for operations.

Advanced turbocharger technology

Garrett turbochargers, especially late model ones such as the DAVNT (Double Axle VNT) come packed with technology to give you a robust and efficient turbocharger solution. Garrett manufacturers its Variable Geometry Turbo range to deliver high performance, improved fuel efficiency, emission reduction and enhanced braking capabilities.

When compared to fixed geometry models, the new breed of turbochargers reduces the amount of engine backpressure, which gives improves performance and reduces fuel consumption. The turbo mechanism regulates exhaust gas flow in response to engine requirements, delivering better efficiency.

The movable vanes found around the inlet of the turbine wheel are also supported by two axles for improved reliability and durability – over 1.2 million km life cycles. In addition, Garrett’s patented pressure balance channels direct the flow of exhaust gas to both sides of the vanes. This prevents strong axial loading and reduces friction and wear while enhancing controllability.

Reduced CO2 emissions

Sustainability is a big thing in business these days. Companies are looking for environmentally friendly options throughout their operations. It’s not only because it’s the right thing to do, but this also has appeal in the market. Reducing CO2 emissions is a big-ticket item, and people like to deal with companies who are taking real steps to decrease their carbon footprint.

That’s another reason to choose Garrett turbochargers. Without compromising engine performance and power, Garrett’s later model turbochargers such as the Variable Geometry VNT range are enabled to downsize CO2 emissions. So, if you want to do your bit for the planet, it’s time to upgrade to a more eco-friendly turbocharger from Garrett.

Which vehicles use Garrett turbochargers?

As we mentioned, you’ll find Garrett turbochargers in most Hino trucks, Isuzu trucks and many other Japanese commercial vehicles. Garrett also has a good share of the European truck market.  The beauty is Garrett’s turbochargers come in a range of sizes, but they are especially suited to diesel engines with displacements from 2.5L – 15L. From small delivery vans through to large heavy vehicles, Garrett has the perfect turbocharger to boost performance and power while reducing emissions.

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