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The Benefits of Meritor Lined Brake Shoe Kits

Getting the right truck parts in Australia is crucial to your business. All drivers and fleet managers understand that maintenance and downtime are part of life, but there are ways to limit the impact. The easiest way is sourcing reliable, durable truck parts that are built to last.

Brake Shoe

The braking systems on trucks and heavy vehicles require regular maintenance, but what if you could extend brake life and reduce maintenance costs? With industry-leading technology, innovative design, and premium construction, Meritor delivers precisely that.


Who is Meritor?

Meritor is known worldwide as a leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specialising in axles and braking systems. In fact, they’ve been innovators in the heavy vehicle parts industry since 1909. With over a century of experience as aftermarket parts innovators, it’s little wonder people trust the Meritor brand.


Meritor lined brake shoes

Their lined brake shoes are used as a replacement for the friction material on Meritor brake drums. Even if you haven’t been fussy about aftermarket parts brands in the past, you’ve likely come across Meritor braking systems. They’re found on some of the world’s biggest truck and heavy vehicles brands such as Freightliner, Kenworth, Mack, Western Star, and also heavy-duty Isuzu trucks and trailers.


Let’s take a look at what makes these some of the best aftermarket parts for European trucks, and all other heavy vehicles.


Going over and above FMVSS 121 standards

Firstly, Meritor lined brake shoe kits don’t just meet braking standards. They exceed them. For example, the MG2A premium 23,000 lb lined brake shoe kits have been found to surpass FMVSS 121 standards by 10%. When it comes to brake power, brake recovery and retardation ratio, Meritor passes all the tests with flying colours.


Superior quality truck parts

A combination of design and quality materials are behind the performance and reliability of Meritor lined brake shoes. It’s also worth noting the brake shoe kits are assembled and riveted right here in Australia.


Brake shoe quality

  • Made from high-grade carbon steel
  • Contains the perfect level of carbon to achieve the balance between rigidity and flexibility
  • Five or more long, deep weld points to ensure superior integrity
  • Hardened anchor and cam ends to reduce wear rates
  • Individually tagged for traceability


Brake lining

  • Super fade and recovery performance
  • Certified 100% asbestos-free
  • Better retardation ratio than the competition


Hardware kits

  • Heat-treated hardened rollers for longer life
  • Shot blasted springs to prevent stress fractures
  • Tempered wire or bolt-on retainers available


Tested for performance and reliability

Like all truck parts in Australia, you want to know your lined brake shoe kits have been thoroughly tested. Meritor leaves nothing to chance, and their kits are assembled and checked right here in Australia.


But it’s the comprehensive FVSS 121 testing that separates Meritor lined brake shoe kits from the crowd. While all aftermarket parts and spares should meet FVSS standards, Meritor consistently aims to exceed standards.


Comprehensive quality control

The hardware kits themselves go through an extremely stringent Level 3 production part approval process (PPAP). This is to ensure each part in the kits meets Meritor’s own very strict quality standards.


Perhaps even more impressive is the 7-stage quality control process that all kits need to pass through. This checks for things like consistent rivet tension, lining to shoe contact, and rivet size.


Ultimately, when you want long-lasting, premium-grade brake shoes that reduce maintenance costs and downtime, Meritor is a smart choice.


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