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Benefits of Valeo Radiators for Engine Cooling Systems

Cooling systems are an integral part of any truck’s operation, and the radiator forms a huge part of that. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, Valeo is considered one of the world’s leading experts in cooling systems for heavy-duty vehicles. In this article, we’ll explore who Valeo is, why radiators are so important and why using Valeo radiators for your heavy-duty vehicles is the smart choice.


Who is Valeo?

The Valeo Group is known worldwide as both an original equipment manufacturer and one of the leading suppliers of quality aftermarket European truck parts. The company began way back in 1923, just outside of Paris, France. Fast forward to 2021, and Valeo operates in 33 different countries and partners with automotive, truck and machinery manufacturers all over the world. Since inception, the company has always had a hand in the automotive industry, and has long been known as highly innovative.


Research and Development is at the core of what they do, always striving for operational excellence and innovative products. With 63 R&D centres around the world, 187 production sites and over 100,000 employees, Valeo is no small player.


Why are radiators important?

To put it really simply, the radiator and cooling system are the two things keeping your truck running at the right temperatures. The radiator helps to pump coolant through the engine, and then back to the radiator, preventing your engine from overheating. Needless to say, the entire cooling system is crucial to ensure reliable vehicle operation.


If your radiator isn’t working properly, this can cause significant damage throughout the truck engine. Considering the temperatures out on some of our roads, and the long-haul trips that many truck drivers need to make, ensuring your radiator coolant increases the engine’s boiling point is your best protection against overheating. Plus, while we don’t have a lot of freezing temperatures in Australia, the radiator coolant also decreases the freezing point of the engine, ensuring your truck runs smoothly even in the coldest conditions


Why choose Valeo?

Valeo has been considered the experts in truck cooling systems for a long time. In short, they pride themselves on providing the best class quality when it comes to heavy duty vehicle cooling systems. Using technical expertise and the highest quality components, Valeo’s radiators and intercoolers are produced to meet all Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards. This ensures you get the right radiator for your truck, based on both performance and fitting.


Valeo designs radiators and cooling systems that allow optimal use of the engine’s power and efficiency, all while lowering fuel consumption and reducing the failure rate of engines. No matter what conditions you drive in, Valeo radiators have got you covered.


Great for late model truck engines

Late model vehicles are known to run hotter, and this places the entire engine system under more stress. The benefit of choosing Valeo cooling systems and radiators is in the performance and durability. Valeo has been at the forefront of new technology that improves heat exchanger performance, increases airflow at critical locations and helps to extend the life of complex engine systems.


If you’re operating a late model vehicle, or indeed any heavy-duty vehicle, Valeo cooling systems and radiators are the smart choice for prolonged engine life, better fuel efficiency and a reduced risk of overheating.


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