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BPW Trailer Axles and Suspensions for Heavy Vehicles

Enhancing Heavy Vehicle Performance with BPW Trailer Axles and Suspensions

Backed by German engineering, BPW is a brand you should know about, especially if you’re in the market for heavy vehicle trailer axle and suspension components and spare parts.

Who is BPW?

BPW Transpec is a trailer parts manufacturing company based in Melbourne, Victoria, with offices in New Zealand. It is a subsidiary of BPW Bergische Achsen KG, Europe’s leading axle and suspension manufacturer for trailers and semi-trailers.

The BPW brand has been operating in Australia and New Zealand for over 65 years, dealing mostly in truck and trailer parts and components. While their products extend into agricultural equipment, they are primarily known for truck components such as trailer axles, suspensions, air brake control systems, trailer couplings, landing legs and more.  

BPW Suspensions

Most experts will tell you there are few things more important on a truck and trailer rig than reliable suspensions, axles, couplings and braking systems. When driving with heavy loads, the stress placed on these parts and components is enormous. So, it’s little surprise that so many truck owners and operators specify BPW axles and BPW suspensions.

There are two main categories of suspensions on offer by BPW Transpec.

Air suspension

The extensive range of air suspensions by BPW are specifically designed for both low-tare weight configurations and for more heavy-duty off-highway use. There are suspensions available up to 14 tonnes per axle. One of the most notable things about BPW air suspensions is the attention to detail in manufacturing. Not only does this deliver superior performance, but it also reduces the overall lifetime cost because BPW air suspension parts last longer.

Mechanical suspension

There’s something for everybody in the mechanical suspensions range from BPW. Catering from 9 to 20-tonne axle loads, there are spring suspension components suitable for use on the highway or off-highway. Depending on the type of vehicle you operate, the right choice of spring suspension from BPW could be just the type of truck and trailer parts to give your vehicle a longer working life with less downtime.

BPW trailer axles

Manufactured in Germany, BPW trailer axles are recognised as a world leader. With precision craftsmanship and innovative design, Australian and New Zealand operators appreciate the strength and performance on offer. BPW has trailer axles with load capacities of up to 30 tonnes, and with over seven decades of manufacturing experience behind them, there are some obvious reasons many people choose BPW trailer axle components.

In the extensive range, there are three different types of axles available from BPW.

Drum brake axles

When you want hard-wearing, long-lasting trailer axle parts, the BPW range of drum brake axles is a great choice. Most importantly for a lot of drivers, BPW drum brake axles offer a more consistent and predictable brake performance.

Disc brake axles

BPW is known as the only supplier of heavy commercial vehicle axles with a proprietary disc brake. These truck and trailer parts have been known to offer extreme reliability and performance.

Self-steering axles

For those who want better manoeuvrability and less wear on tyres, self-steering axles from BPW are the way to go. They’re also known to offer reduced fuel consumption when compared to other types of axles.

Overall, the quality of BPW parts can’t be overstated, and that’s why they’re so popular in truck and trailer combinations, including very heavy rigs operating in some of the roughest regions across Australia and New Zealand.

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