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Sourcing Truck and Trailer Parts Made Simple

Regular servicing, maintenance, and parts replacement are essential for managing a truck fleet. Ensuring that trucks are in optimal working condition enhances performance and minimises downtime caused by unexpected repairs. The significance of utilising quality truck and trailer parts cannot be overstated, as failures can result in costly delays, expenses, and damage to a fleet operator’s reputation. In this guide, we’ll explore best practice for sourcing high-quality truck parts for your fleet.

Sourcing Truck and Trailer Parts Made Simple

Tips for Sourcing the …

Why Japanese Truck Parts Are Trusted By Aussie Fleets

Japanese trucks have earned widespread trust and popularity in the Australian and New Zealand markets for numerous compelling reasons. All four major Japanese truck brands, Hino, Isuzu, Fuso, and UD, have built reputations for reliability, durability, and performance. When expanding their fleets, operators in Australia and New Zealand carefully consider the performance, reliability and availability of high quality replacement parts for Japanese trucks.

Why Japanese Truck Parts Are Trusted By Aussie Fleets

Meeting Industry Standards

The trucking …

Volvo Truck Parts: How Sustainability Drives Innovation in Transportation

For decades, Volvo Trucks have been synonymous with innovation. However, in recent years, the brand has redirected its focus towards sustainability, emerging as a leader in transportation sustainability initiatives. Volvo continues to drive progress towards a greener future, from enhancing fuel efficiency to pioneering battery and hydrogen-electric heavy vehicles.

Volvo Truck Parts Sustainability Drives Innovation in Transportation

Reduction of Waste from Truck Parts Manufacturing

A core area where sustainability fuels innovation lies in …

Fuso Trucks: A Heritage of Reliability and Performance

The Fuso brand originated in 1932 when Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (known as Mitsubishi Shipbuilding at the time) unveiled its groundbreaking B46 Mitsubishi bus. Powered by a 7-litre, 6-cylinder engine, this 7-metre-long bus could accommodate up to 38 passengers and delivered an impressive 100 horsepower. Recognising they had developed something special, employee suggestions were called and the name “Fuso” was chosen.

A Heritage of Reliability and Performance of Fuso Trucks

According to sales data, 4822 commercial Fuso vehicles …

From Japan to the World: The Story Behind Isuzu Trucks’ Global Success

Isuzu trucks are highly regarded in the freight industry, not the least because of their extensive range of models and the availability of high-quality aftermarket truck parts. Isuzu trucks are also known for their operational efficiency, reliability and durability.

Story Behind Isuzu Trucks' Global Success

With over 50 years of service in Australia and New Zealand, Isuzu stands as the top-selling truck brand. Let’s explore the key factors contributing to Isuzu’s success in our local market

The History of Isuzu…

A Breakdown of Japanese Truck Steering Components

Japanese trucks reign supreme in light and medium duty commercial transportation and are recognised for their reliability, efficiency, and superior performance. These vehicles hold a prominent position in the industry, often serving as the premier choice in truck fleets. One crucial reason lies within their steering components, which play a vital role in ensuring truck safety and operability.

Exploring Japanese Truck Steering Systems

The steering system of a truck serves as more than just a means of directional control; it significantly impacts a driver’s comfort, safety, and the vehicle’s overall …

Hino SmartSafe: Shaping the Future of Truck Safety

Safety is always a huge consideration for fleet operators looking to invest in new vehicles. While there are many aspects you need to consider, safety should always be paramount. Hino has recently changed the way it incorporates safety features into the purchase of new trucks, thanks to Hino SmartSafe.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the features included in Hino’s SmartSafe package, and what they mean for the future of truck safety….

How the 1950s Defined the Evolution of Volvo Trucks

The 1950s was an important time in automotive history. We saw the first Japanese trucks developed with diesel engines, as was becoming the trend. Transmissions were improving, allowing for smoother rides. Truck manufacturers also started paying more attention to driver comfort and safety, regularly improving the cab area. For Volvo, the 1950s marked a period of significant innovation and growth, leading the way in truck design and innovation in European truck parts.

The 1950s Defined the Evolution of Volvo Trucks

Comparing Load Capacities in Japanese Truck Brands

Selecting the right equipment is the backbone of a successful truck fleet and the Japanese heavyweights Isuzu, Mitsubishi Fuso, Hino, and UD are leaders in reliability and durability. The detail, construction and innovative technologies used in Japanese truck parts give these vehicles sought-after attributes, including generous load capacity.

This article outlines the load capacities of various vehicle weight ranges from leading Japanese truck brands.


Highly versatile, Isuzu trucks span a range from light to heavy-duty; their design aims to cater for …

Product Range Overview: Nakano Spring Co’s Comprehensive Offerings

Maintaining your truck suspension is crucial to maintaining a smooth ride; however, this is about more than driver comfort. Fitting high-quality leaf springs can improve fuel efficiency and reduce wear and tear on other parts of your vehicle, and this is particularly true for the parabolic leaf springs on your truck steer axle. By ensuring a balanced and well-designed suspension system, you will enhance your driving experience and improve the overall efficiency and longevity of your truck. …

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