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Mirrors for Japanese Trucks

When buying replacement mirrors for Japanese trucks, it’s a good idea to get quality parts designed specifically for those vehicles. Of course, every truck brand is different, featuring different designs and subtle changes in mirror arms and mirror positioning. For safety and function, you should always ensure you fit the right aftermarket mirrors.

Whether you need aftermarket parts for Hino trucks, Isuzu trucks or Fuso trucks, you need to know which mirrors and mirror parts to buy for your specific vehicle. The brand of the mirror isn’t necessarily important. But what is …

Alfred Heyd Steering

When it comes to aftermarket parts for European trucks, or any type of heavy vehicle for that matter, the steering control system is one of the most important. Without reliable, durable steering products, the steering system can become less responsive and drivers can find themselves in a lot of trouble when making split-second decisions on the road. A responsive steering system reduces the risk of accidents and can even save lives.

In Australia and New Zealand where trip distances can be very long, the durability of truck components is a huge consideration for owners. …

Air Brake Systems for Trucks and Trailers

When you need aftermarket parts for trucks and buses, brake parts are among the most critical and require particular care. Heavy vehicles operate with air brakes and keeping the air brake system well-maintained and functioning safely requires quality replacement parts for the brake controls, brake actuators and the friction products (brake pads or brake linings).

Air brake systems consist of many components and fittings, all of which need to be in good working order. Let’s take a look at why air brakes are used in trucks and some of the parts and fittings …

Importance of Kraiburg Rubber

An industry leader, Kraiburg has been developing, producing and supplying technical rubber and silicone compounds for truck parts globally since 1947. Their products are used within the truck and bus industry and include thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) for automotive interiors, exteriors and powertrains, as well as the retreading of tyres. Importantly, they are also a major supplier to both OE and aftermarket air spring manufacturers where their rubber technology improves durability and extends the operating life.


Kraiburg’s retreading materials have been tailored specifically to suit the individual applications for which …

The Importance of Air System Protectors

A truck brake system is an integral safety feature, so it is essential to take protective and preventative measures to properly maintain this system and increase its longevity.

What is an air system protector?

An air system protector or ASP is a type of compressed air system filter that prevents moisture, aerosols and oil particles from entering the air brake controls. These contaminants pose risks and will compromise the efficiency of your system if not properly managed.

ASPs have been commonly used as a protective measure for European …

Kongsberg Automotive’s Market-leading Clutches

For over 60 years, Kongsberg Automotive has been producing market-leading aftermarket and original equipment truck parts, including gear shift systems, clutch actuator systems, accelerator pedals and electronic controls. Let’s explore why Kongsberg is considered a leader in the truck and bus industry and why their aftermarket parts for trucks are so widely adopted.

AMT External Actuator

Kongsberg’s ExAct ™ pneumatic clutch actuator has been developed for use in Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) applications, alongside Clutch By Wire (CBW) solutions. This external actuator has a very fast response time with high accuracy, …

Mitsubishi Turbocharger

The most convenient way to move bulky cargo long distances between cities in Australia and New Zealand is by road. Yet, due to the climate, terrain, and the distances covered, commercial vehicles need to be in optimal condition for every trip. Ready access to quality aftermarket Japanese truck parts can significantly reduce downtime and the cost of truck ownership.

Mitsubishi Turbocharger

This article focuses on why Mitsubishi turbochargers are ideal for Australian and New Zealand applications. Read on to find out more about Mitsubishi …

History of Bosch

With a storied past spanning generations, including two world wars, Bosch has made it through some turbulent times to emerge as one of the leading global suppliers of technology and services.

With operations covering four business sectors, including mobility solutions, industrial technology, consumer goods, and energy and building technology, Bosch offer a comprehensive range of innovative products and services designed to improve quality of life.

The impact that Bosch has had on the development of truck parts alone is staggering. From the very beginning, Bosch has led the way in innovation …

ElringKlinger’s Lightweight Solutions

The truck and bus parts industry has produced some incredible advancements in design and technology, improving the safety and performance of vehicles and providing a more reliable driving experience.

However, many of these additional features and performance options come with extra weight. And the heavier a vehicle is, the more energy is required for operation.

As one of the world’s leading truck engine seal manufacturers, ElringKlinger is addressing this concern by creating innovative lightweight concepts designed to mitigate the weight of truck parts.

Who is ElringKlinger?…

Stemco Platinum Performance System for Trucks

Commercial vehicle safety in Australia is an important subject. The country’s heavy dependence on road transport makes it paramount that every vehicle on the road adheres to strict safety standards. Complying with the national safety regulations can save lives and valuable cargo.

To keep your truck in optimal condition, you must maintain a regular servicing schedule. It is also vital that you have ready access to quality aftermarket truck parts. This article features the Stemco Platinum Performance System for trucks. Read on if you would like to know more about Stemco’s innovative safe driving …

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