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Hino SmartSafe: Shaping the Future of Truck Safety

Safety is always a huge consideration for fleet operators looking to invest in new vehicles. While there are many aspects you need to consider, safety should always be paramount. Hino has recently changed the way it incorporates safety features into the purchase of new trucks, thanks to Hino SmartSafe.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the features included in Hino’s SmartSafe package, and what they mean for the future of truck safety….

How the 1950s Defined the Evolution of Volvo Trucks

The 1950s was an important time in automotive history. We saw the first Japanese trucks developed with diesel engines, as was becoming the trend. Transmissions were improving, allowing for smoother rides. Truck manufacturers also started paying more attention to driver comfort and safety, regularly improving the cab area. For Volvo, the 1950s marked a period of significant innovation and growth, leading the way in truck design and innovation in European truck parts.

The 1950s Defined the Evolution of Volvo Trucks

Comparing Load Capacities in Japanese Truck Brands

Selecting the right equipment is the backbone of a successful truck fleet and the Japanese heavyweights Isuzu, Mitsubishi Fuso, Hino, and UD are leaders in reliability and durability. The detail, construction and innovative technologies used in Japanese truck parts give these vehicles sought-after attributes, including generous load capacity.

This article outlines the load capacities of various vehicle weight ranges from leading Japanese truck brands.


Highly versatile, Isuzu trucks span a range from light to heavy-duty; their design aims to cater for …

Product Range Overview: Nakano Spring Co’s Comprehensive Offerings

Maintaining your truck suspension is crucial to maintaining a smooth ride; however, this is about more than driver comfort. Fitting high-quality leaf springs can improve fuel efficiency and reduce wear and tear on other parts of your vehicle, and this is particularly true for the parabolic leaf springs on your truck steer axle. By ensuring a balanced and well-designed suspension system, you will enhance your driving experience and improve the overall efficiency and longevity of your truck. …

Safety First: Hino SmartSafe and the Future of Truck Safety

Japanese truck parts are renowned for innovation, reliability and safety features. Hino leads the way with standard safety features that many manufacturers only include as optional extras. The impressive suite of safety features in Hino trucks is known as Hino SmartSafe, and is now included as standard on most models.

Hino SmartSafe and the Future of Truck Safety

What is Hino SmartSafe?

Hino SmartSafe is a comprehensive suite of advanced driver-assist technologies focused on protecting drivers and other road users. While many …

The Role of Driveshaft Components in Power Transfer and Efficiency

All trucks and buses rely on precision and efficiency from critical components. In particular, driveshaft components are some of the most important truck and bus parts. In order to work efficiently and reduce operating costs, truck owners must ensure the quality and reliability of their driveshaft components.

The Role of Driveshaft Components in Power Transfer and Efficiency

While most truck owners and fleet operators employ experienced mechanics for repairs and servicing, it’s still worthwhile to understand how your driveshaft works, as by understanding your vehicle you …

A Maintenance Guide to Keeping Your Fuso Truck in Top Condition

Those in the transport industry know the importance of looking after your vehicle. A poorly maintained truck is likely to experience more faults, higher rates of wear and tear, and more downtime. For truck fleet managers and drivers, downtime equates to lost income. While everybody understands the importance of downtime for scheduled maintenance and repairs, it’s equally important to keep unscheduled truck repairs to a minimum. In this article, we’ll discuss some maintenance tips to keep your Fuso truck in top condition. We’ll also highlight the importance of using quality Fuso parts in your repairs….

Understanding the Mechanics of Heavy Vehicle Steering

Proper maintenance of a heavy vehicle steering system becomes even more critical when  transporting heavy loads. Read on for background on heavy vehicle steering components and tips on maintaining them with appropriate aftermarket truck parts.

Understanding the Mechanics of Heavy Vehicle Steering

The Mechanism of Steering:

Steering, at its core, involves changing the vehicle’s direction of motion. Heavy vehicles achieve this by using a steering mechanism to rotate the front wheels.

Key Truck Steering Components:…

Fifth Wheels and Turntables: Ensuring Smooth Trailer Articulation

In the logistics industry, where Australian and New Zealand heavy duty truck operations thrive, achieving smooth trailer articulation is crucial. At the core of this are high quality truck and trailer coupling parts, specifically, fifth wheels and turntables. Without optimal functionality from these components, trailers cannot seemlessly hitch and unhitch, and vehicle manoeuvrability is impeded.

The Significance of Fifth Wheels and Turntables

Fifth wheels and turntables are (literally) pivotal systems in trucking. A fifth wheel is a coupling device that connects …

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