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Why You Need a Garrett Turbocharger

With the commercial vehicle market focused on continuous improvement in areas of energy efficiency and performance, there has been a renewed push to find innovative solutions in turbocharger technology to stay ahead of the game.

Garrett turbochargers offer the latest in advanced technology truck turbos, specifically designed to provide reliable, high-performance solutions that improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and enhance engine braking capabilities.

How does a turbocharger work?

Put simply, turbochargers use the surrounding environment to boost power to the engine. They consist of two main parts, the …

The Valvoline Difference

Manufacturing specialised engine oils and top-quality additives for over 150 years, Valvoline is the leading supplier of premium branded lubricants that support peak engine performance. From industrial and hydraulic oils and grease products to performance chemicals and heavy-duty engine oils, Valvoline continues to innovate and formulate superior products to suit a broad range of applications.

The History of Valvoline

Founded in 1866, Valvoline was born from the mind of Dr John Ellis, whose study of crude oil resulted in the discovery of its potential lubricating properties. Originally developed to improve the performance …

Reliable and High-Quality DEPO Lights

Australia and New Zealand have a dynamic and competitive commercial vehicle industry that demands high quality replacement parts. When it comes to lighting, drivers encounter a variety of visibility challenges when navigating the long highways and manoeuvring through off-road tracks. Such visibility challenges increase during dark hours and in extreme weather conditions such as mist, storms, and strong winds. Transporters need reliable lighting solutions to enhance visibility and safety.

DEPO Lights is an innovative organisation that produces lighting solutions for several types of vehicles, including late generation truck lighting applications. High-quality lights that improve visibility …

The History of Mahle Engines

Mahle is well-known as an industry leader in engine components. As an international development partner for many vehicle manufacturers, Mahle has been at the forefront of innovation and the continuous improvement of the internal combustion engine. The company’s portfolio spreads far and wide as they design and manufacture a huge range of truck parts, from starter motors to pistons, liners, valves, turbochargers and a whole lot more.

As a company that sees every second vehicle worldwide fitted with its products, Mahle is a name worth knowing.

The Mahle history…

The Main Types of Truck Lighting and their Replacement Parts

When you think about truck and aftermarket parts, lighting systems are often forgotten. Most heavy vehicle operators will need to drive at night or in low-light conditions, making the light essential to the truck’s operation. Here are the main types of lights that you’ll need to ensure are in good working order at all times.


The most common and perhaps most important lights on a truck are the headlights. One of the most popular brands of headlights is Hella because …

The History of Meritor And Its Importance in The Aftermarket Parts Industry?

Meritor is one of the highest profile brands in the global truck parts industry. The company is famous for developing original equipment axle, steering and brake components for many European trucks like DAF, IVECO and Volvo, and all North American trucks including Freightliner, Kenworth and Western Star. Meritor operates through its aftermarket distribution partners to reduce the cost of Meritor replacement parts and help truck operators maintain optimal performance while minimising vehicle downtime and operating costs.

Aftermarket Parts Industry

This article …

Why We Choose Truckmate Mudguards

When putting together the key components of your truck, it’s natural to consider those crucial maintenance items first: filters, suspension, and all other drivetrain components. But there’s another important replacement part that needs consideration – the mudguards.


Properly functioning mudguards are an important safety feature and a legal requirement. Mudguards prevent your wheels from kicking up debris and water as you drive, therefore protecting the underside of your vehicle, as well as the vehicles of other road users.

Truckmate is …

Spotlight on Fleetguard Filters

If you operate an American truck and require filtration parts, the name you need to know is Fleetguard. As a world leader in OEM and aftermarket filtration solutions, Fleetguard supplies the highest-quality parts for a huge range of American engines.


Who is Fleetguard?

Fleetguard is an American brand owned by Cummins Group, famous for the Cummins engine. Cummins is the most popular engine in Australia and New Zealand for most American truck brands, such as Kenworth, Freightliner and Western Star. …

Shock Absorbers for Trucks and Buses

Shock absorbers are vehicle suspension systems that dampen the vibrations caused by driving on uneven terrain. The shock absorbers extend and retract to balance pressure and maximise the contact between your truck’s wheels and the ground. This contact enhances the control, stability and performance of your truck.

Shock absorbers also absorb the inertia created when applying the brakes and transporting imbalanced cargo. In Australia, quality shock absorbers keep buses stable when maneuvering the country’s undulating roads.

This article describes commercial vehicle shock …

Exedy Clutches for Heavy and Commercial Vehicles

The clutch of your heavy or commercial vehicle is crucial to the overall operation of the transmission. If your clutch is performing poorly, it becomes harder to change gears, and more importantly, can lead to significant transmission problems that are costly to repair. As such, it makes sense to look for quality when choosing replacement clutches and clutch parts for your truck.


Exedy manufactures aftermarket clutches and clutch parts for most American and European trucks. They’re an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), meaning …

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