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Why choose Century Batteries for Bus and Truck

If you’re in the truck and bus industry as a driver, repairer or business owner, you’re familiar with Century batteries. They’ve been part of the Australian landscape for over 90 years, and have a reputation for quality and performance. So, why exactly are Century batteries favoured for European, Japanese and American trucks and buses? It’s not just about being a big brand or having a recognisable name. There’s a whole lot of substance and quality products behind the brand.


Heavy-duty batteries for all truck types

Do you need European truck parts? Japanese truck parts? How about American parts? Century batteries are designed to suit all type of trucks, and they’re built for performance. In fact, as Australia’s most recognised and established battery supplier, they’ve become a staple in the truck and bus industry.

Century supply batteries to most local truck builders, which gives you an indication of the trust that heavy-duty vehicle builders have in the products. Truck builders want the best, and that’s why they choose Century’s Hi Performance and Ultra Hi Performance range.

Built for performance

Century has put years of knowledge and experience into the development of their current truck and bus batteries. They understand our climate and know what drivers and fleet managers want. To Century, better performance means longer battery life and less downtime. It’s more than just stronger starting power. It’s the ability to sustain current loads over extended periods, and even take care of your on-board accessories.

The range

For long-haul highway applications, Century offers the Ultra Hi Performance, featuring better vibration resistance, improved strength and durability, and also semi-cycling for onboard accessories.

For shorter-haul off-highway needs, The Hi Performance battery is the way to go. It features lower self-discharge and reduced water loss. It’s tough too, designed specifically to reduce vibration on bumpy terrain.

For other heavy equipment vehicles, the Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty ranges offer great starting power, superior strength and a maintenance-free design.

Australian made

Australia’s climate is harsh at the best of times, especially for long-haul drivers in heavy-duty trucks. So, it makes sense to choose truck batteries that are made in Australia. The manufacturers understand our conditions and focus on creating the best technology for them. Plus, everybody likes to support companies who make products right here in Australia, creating jobs for Aussies.

The company was established in Sydney in 1928. That’s over 90 years of Australian manufacturing for the Australian market.

Sealed maintenance-free truck and bus batteries

When you want longer-lasting batteries, advanced technology is the key. Century’s range of sealed maintenance-free batteries provides exactly that. The advanced labyrinth structure combines with a double-layered lid which condenses and retains water vapour. In operation or while charging, water vapour is produced in a battery. In Century’s maintenance-free batteries, the vapour rises to fill the double lid. The top lid stays cooler, so the vapour condenses back onto the bottom lid as water. Ultimately, this means less water loss, the battery maintains fluid levels and therefore lasts longer in Australia’s hot conditions.

Trusted quality

For drivers and fleet managers across Australia, you want batteries you can trust. Century’s quality control system is certified to International Standard ISO 9001. In short, this means Century have proven they can meet all regulatory requirements and provide a strong customer focus in everything they do.

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