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Choosing the Right Wheel Seal: Guardian HP, Voyager, or Discover?

They may be a tiny part of a truck’s overall makeup, but truck wheel end parts are very important. In particular, wheel seals are something fleet managers and owners should pay special attention to. Whether you need European truck parts, Japanese truck parts, or you have another type of heavy vehicle, it pays to invest in quality wheel seals.

The Importance of Choosing Quality Wheel Seals

For such a small component of a large vehicle, wheel seals play a crucial role that mustn’t be understated. They perform a few different functions that you need to consider, including: 

  • Preventing lubricant leakage: Truck wheel bearings require oil or grease to reduce friction and overheating. Wheel end parts such as seals help to keep the lubricant within the bearings.
  • Protection against contaminants: Truck wheel seals provide a barrier that prevents road debris, including dirt, dust, water and other contaminants, from getting into the wheel bearings.
  • Increasing longevity of components: If wheel bearings are poorly lubricated, they wear out faster. Quality wheel seals prevent your truck bearings and other wheel components from wearing prematurely, reducing maintenance requirements and extending component life.

Overall, wheel seals help to improve performance and safety by keeping key truck parts in good working order. The leading manufacturers of European and American truck wheel seals are SKF, manufacturing as SKF and as CR Seals for American trucks, and Stemco. We will take a closer look at the Stemco seals, which are pivotal in the whole Stemco range of parts for American trucks and trailers.

Guardian HP Wheel Seals

Guardian HP wheel seals are recognised as some of the most durable in the business. With strong construction, they’re built to last and boast excellent capabilities in keeping lubricant in and contaminants out. Their advanced design protects against contaminant ingress and heat generation in the wheel bearings. This is great for extending the life of your wheel bearings, but contaminants and heat are also the leading causes of the seals themselves degrading. By countering contaminant ingress and reducing heat, Guardian HP seals last longer.

Voyager Wheel Seals

Voyager seals are designed with a four-zone labyrinth system that protects truck wheel end parts and bearings from contaminants such as water and dust. The temperature-resistant polymer helps to keep lubricant in place, and installation is simple. They’re also compatible with many truck axles, making them a popular choice.

Voyager’s wheel seals are primarily designed for route trucks and city traffic, with their proven performance being perfect for driving that involves a lot of stopping and starting.

Discover Wheel Seals

If you want advanced technology in American truck wheel seals, Discover must be a consideration. They feature temperature-resistant material and multi-labyrinth sealing that have been specifically designed for modern highway driving speeds and the increased temperature caused by air disc brakes.

You may also consider the Discover XR range, which is the most technologically advanced wheel seal from Discover. This rugged design offers excellent protection and a long working life, not to mention easy installation that won’t damage other components.

CR Seals

CR Seals is the market leader for American truck wheel seals and Stemco’s major competitor. Formerly known as Chicago Rawhide, CR Seals are fitted as original equipment on most American trucks, such as Kenworth, Freightliner and Western Star. Now part of the SKF group, CR Seals delivers high-quality wheel end parts designed to withstand tough operating conditions.

Whether you need Fuso truck parts, Hino parts, Kenworth parts or wheel end parts for any make of truck, ensure you invest in quality. The benefits of performance, safety and component longevity are well worth the investment. 

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