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Dana Drivetrain

A drivetrain is the combination of components that work together, to deliver power to the wheels of your truck. A modern truck’s drive train components include drive axles, driveshafts, steer axles and hub systems. The truck’s engine is part of the powertrain and is not considered as part of the drivetrain.

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A Brief Overview of Dana

Dana is a leading supplier original equipment and aftermarket parts for European trucks like DAF, IVECO and MAN among others. The company specializes in the development of high-quality driveline, motion and power technologies for commercial vehicles.

Dana’s innovative solutions have been a leading provider for the heavy vehicle industry for decades. American automotive engineer and Automotive Hall of Fame Member Clarence Spicer first started manufacturing his invention in 1904 with the Potter printing press company. Later he went on to start his own venture which was called the Spicer Universal Joint Manufacturing Company wich was first integrated in 1905 but, it was 1909 when the name as we know now was changed to Spicer Manufacturing company.

. In 1914, Charles Dana, an Attorney, purchased a controlling interest in the Company and expanded its portfolio. Charles Dana’s expansions enabled the company to transition into the manufacture of vehicle frames, transmission systems and axles.  This significantly increased the company’s revenue and global reach.

In 1946 the Spicer Manufacturing Corporation was rebranded to the Dana Corporation in honour of Charles Dana’s contribution to its success. The company’s driveline products retained the Spicer® brand name in honour of Clarence Spicer.


Drivetrain Solutions

The Dana brand offers OE quality aftermarket parts to support a wide range of drivetrain applications. Heavy-duty vehicle operators from all over the world depend on Dana for reliable, dynamic and long-lasting drivetrain solutions. Below we highlight just some of the efficient solutions of the Drivetrain range.

Dana Drive Axles

Drive axles are the horizontal arms that transmit engine power to your wheels. They are usually connected to the engine’s transmission unit via a drive shaft. In modern trucks, the wheels have independent axles known as half axles.

Half axles connect to the wheels through a constant velocity (CV) joint. They enable your truck’s wheels to move independently of each other. This is necessary when maneuvering rough roads and turns. Below are a few examples of Dana’s drive axles.

  • Spicer AdvanTEK® 40
  • Spicer Econotrek
  • Spicer Pro-40
  • DS404
  • DS 405

Dana Drive Shafts

Driveshafts are tube-like components used to transmit power generated in the engine to the drive axle of your truck. Driveshafts are designed to handle the torsion and shear stresses that are caused by the variation in the torque of the engine and wheel assembly.

The heavy vehicle industry is constantly improving. Trucks keep getting larger and more energy-efficient engines are being developed. This has led to the need for stronger and more flexible driveshaft solutions. In longer trucks, universal joints are deployed to connect two or more driveshafts without compromising their strength. Here are some examples of Dana Driveshaft


  • Spicer Compact Series
  • SPL 350
  • SPL 140/170/250
  • High Power Density (HPD) Series.

Dana Steer Axles

The steer axle of your truck is quite similar to the other types of axles in your truck.  It is a lateral mechanism used to control your truck’s direction. The steer axle holds the wheels of your truck in place and promotes stability.

The steering axle assembly allows the wheels to move independently of the axle. This is possible by using bushings and bearings installed in the centre of the wheel. Additionally, the axle takes away excess forces from acting on your wheels. These include your truck’s weight, acceleration and braking forces.

In addition to the drivetrain mechanisms listed here, Dana offers a wide variety of other reliable solutions. The company is consistently developing new ways to tackle real challenges in the commercial vehicle industry.

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