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Dayco Cooling for Trucks

Truck production companies outsource the manufacture of minor components of their vehicles. This allows them to focus on the major design and performance aspects of their trucks. This trend has led to the rapid growth of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket industry for trucks.


OEMs develop vehicle components that are installed directly into the truck during the manufacturing process. They also produce components that are sold to dealerships and garages as aftermarket replacement parts for the same trucks. This is done to facilitate the maintenance and repair of trucks when the original equipment wears out.

This article features Dayco, a supplier of aftermarket parts for European and American trucks in Australia. Originally a producer of rubber products, Dayco focused on developing aftermarket parts in-line with its experience. As such, some of Dayco’s leading products are specialized rubber hoses and belts for heavy-duty engines.

History of Dayco

Dayco was established in 1905 as the Dayton Rubber Manufacturing Company in Dayton, Ohio. The company started out with one outlet producing garden hoses and rubber sealing rings for canning jars. Dayco has since grown into a globally reputable brand. It now has more than 50 manufacturing plants and in over 18 countries and a workforce of over 4,500 employees.

In 1921, the company began acquiring other companies to diversify its portfolio. The resulting growth inspired the company to rebrand itself as the Dayco Corporation in 1960. In 1988, Mark IV industries acquired the controlling share of Dayco. The new company maintained the Dayco brand name because it was already well established.

Dayco Corporation’s fame comes from the development of many innovative solutions that tackled several industry challenges. The list below highlights some of the firsts that Dayco invented.

  1. White sidewall tyres
  2. Synthetic rubber tyres
  3. Low-air-pressure tyres
  4. Ribbed v-belt and cog-belts
  5. Synthetic rubber textile manufacturing components

Dayco Australia was established in the 1980s to service the automotive parts industry but more recently developed local support for major truck parts distributors. Below are some of Dayco’s feature cooling products for trucks.

Heavy Duty Rubber Hoses

Dayco’s signature products are high-performance rubber hoses. Dayco hoses have varying modifications to improve their performance in varying applications. These include resistance to ozone, abrasion, high pressure and extreme heat. This makes them ideal for transmitting hot water, coolant fluid and hot air around the engine.

Some of the hoses are reinforced with textile spirals for extra pressure resistance such as the air brake hose. While others, such as the Quick-fit Hose® Gold Label® are embedded with helical steel wire enabling them to bend easily without collapsing. Below is a list of some of the most common Dayco hoses for trucks.

  1. Flex & Straight Radiator Hoses
  2. Silicone Radiator & Heater Hoses
  3. Quick-Fit & Air Brake Hose
  4. Hump hose & Reducer Sleeves

Heavy Duty Water Pumps

Dayco heavy-duty water pumps are the heart of a dynamic truck engine cooling system. They are essential for circulating water within a truck’s engine.

Dayco pumps are built from 100% cast aluminium material. This increases their performance and durability. Also, the pumps are assembled using Programmable Logic Control (PLC) technology. PLC provides valuable data throughout the manufacturing process and helps in the early detection of any problems.

Apart from pumps and hoses, Dayco also produces a range of timing belts that help to run the engine cooling systems. Dayco’s success is mainly attributed to its adherence to quality. This has kept the company at the top of its field for the last 115 years.

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