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A detailed look into WABCO’s Aftermarket products and services

WABCO has established a reputation for high-quality large vehicle parts. If you’re looking truck parts, Sydney is the home base for many WABCO providers, partners, and authorised dealers. Because WABCO parts are known to be so exceptional, a multitude of counterfeits has filtered their way into the market.

WABCO air dryer cartridges are among the best around. Unfortunately, copies have been found at several truck parts dealers. We obtained samples of these copies and tested them against genuine WABCO parts. In every test, WABCO outshone the fake truck parts.

When you use counterfeit air dryer cartridges, you’re leaving yourself open to road safety risks and mechanical damage. The air dryer is responsible for keeping your brake system completely moisture free. If the dryer malfunctions or is of low technical quality, the brake system and air chamber might accumulate water vapour and become humid.

This liquid can corrode parts of the brake system and coat them with rust, which reduces their effectiveness. If this water freezes, it can cause internal slippage which makes the brakes less effective. Brake valves will stop working, and repairs can take a long time.

If moisture gets into the air reservoir, your emergency brakes will be negatively affected and might fail altogether. This can all be avoided by using authentic WABCO parts. They are guaranteed by WABCO’s 150-year track record, their high-grade manufacturing materials, and their rigorous testing process for each part.

When you buy truck parts from WABCO, you don’t just get the best parts on the market. You also get access to their nationwide service partner network. Wherever you are in Australia, you can find a WABCO service centre and get technical assistance on your vehicle part. Where applicable, your genuine WABCO part will be diagnosed and replaced.

It can be hard to tell if your truck part is counterfeit. If you unknowingly bought a fake part, you might notice that it breaks down more frequently. Bring your truck to any WABCO dealership, and they can use their diagnostics equipment to confirm your part.

While it’s challenging to identify a real part from a counterfeit part, it’s possible. When you receive the part, don’t just inspect the surface. Open it or unscrew it so that you can check the insides as well. This might show flaws or damage that marks it as a fake.

Of course, the surest way to know your parts are genuine is to shop at WABCO dealers and authorised partners.

Here at Multispares, we guarantee that you get the highest quality American, European, Japanese truck parts at the most affordable prices. Call us on 13 16 15 for more information.

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