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Eaton Clutches for American Trucks

Heavy-duty trucks and commercial vehicles have so many different moving parts. It’s difficult to say which of these is most important because, ultimately, a heavy vehicle is made up of several critical systems that provide power, safety and performance. Of course, clutches are one of these crucial components.

The clutch’s main function is to transmit torque from a rotating motor to a transmission, allowing for the shifting of gears. Needless to say, quality is essential when considering aftermarket clutches and, indeed, all aftermarket parts for trucks.

Eaton is a company that provides many solutions for multiple industries, but one area of expertise is their clutches for heavy vehicles. When looking for aftermarket parts for American trucks, Eaton is definitely a name you should consider.

Who is Eaton?

Eaton began in 1912 when the transport industry was undergoing significant changes. Founder Joseph Eaton invested in a new product, the world’s first gear-driven truck axle. Over the decades, Eaton has become a world-leading clutch manufacturer, but they’re also heavily involved in electrics, hydraulics and even aerospace technology.

Today, Eaton is a globally-known brand with over 97,000 employees and a presence in 175 countries. In terms of medium-duty and heavy-duty clutches, they’re one of the market leaders and supply clutches to some of the biggest names in American vehicle manufacturing.

The heavy brake and axle divisions of Eaton were acquired by a company now known as Dana Corporation, previously called The Spicer Company. As such, many of Eaton’s clutches have been referred to at various stages as ‘Spicer clutches’.

Why is clutch choice important?

Naturally, when you first buy a truck, it comes with a clutch, and you don’t have to think too much about it. But when it comes time to replace that clutch, you need Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products to maintain the power, consistency and durability you’ve enjoyed from the initial clutch. Most of the time, by the stage you need to replace a clutch, there have been advancements in technology, allowing you to get an upgraded version of the original.

Product spotlight

As a brand, Eaton produces so many different products, but the ones we’re interested in today are its clutches for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Eaton clutches are the result of over 100 years of experience designing and manufacturing quality driveline products. With a commitment to innovation for over a century, it’s fair to say that Eaton clutches have been tried and tested comprehensively to ensure a smooth ride and optimum performance.

Here are some of the most popular Eaton clutches on the market.

Advantage Self-Adjust Clutch

A self-adjust clutch is one that keeps the clutch in constant adjustment by maintaining the bearing release position. Eaton’s Advantage Self-Adjust clutch is the bestseller in North America, which is why it’s recommended for so many American vehicles. Like all Eaton clutches, it is designed and manufactured to very strict Original Equipment specifications.

That’s what you’ll get with the Advantage Self-Adjust clutch, which has been designed to provide more protection, better performance and less maintenance and downtime. You’ll also benefit from the advanced vibration control technology that offers greater durability and a longer working life.

By the numbers, the Advantage Self-Adjust clutch ticks a lot of boxes, with a torque rating of 1650 ft. lbs – 2250 ft. lbs. It also comes with a 3-year warranty.

Key features include wear indicators in two different locations, making it very easy to check, as well as a patent-pending spring separator that promotes fast shifting and ultra-low drag. The soft-rate damper also protects the drive train components by absorbing engine vibrations.

EverTough Self-Adjust Clutch

The EverTough is another self-adjust clutch designed for durability and longevity. Backed by Roadranger, one of the world’s largest networks of drivetrain expertise, this clutch is built to offer durability and reliability.

With a torque rating of 1400 ft. lbs – 2050 ft. lbs, it’s not as heavy-duty as the Advantage and is suited to medium-duty vehicles. It features ceramic facings, and the self-adjust mechanism has been found to eliminate, on average, 13 manual adjustments for every truck.

Longevity is a major focus for the EverTough Self-Adjust clutch. This is evident in the premium Eaton damper that reduces drivetrain vibrations, which is just one way the product meets the requirements of most OEMs. On top of that, there is also a stainless steel cam spring which increases durability, and the full-round contamination baffle stops debris from finding its way in.

When it comes to maintenance, you can expect less downtime, too, thanks to the three grease zerks and wider thrust pads, making it easy to service.

Easy Pedal Advantage Clutch

Another Eaton clutch that’s number one for its class in North America. While the other clutches we’ve profiled here have a strong focus on durability and long working life, the Easy Pedal Advantage combines this with terrific driveability.

The trademarked Easy Pedal design has been found to reduce pedal effort by up to 50%, making it much easier and more comfortable for drivers. It is torque rated for 950 ft. lbs – 2250 ft. lbs. Suitable for a wide range of American trucks, the Easy Pedal Advantage represents innovation and evolution in clutch design.

It’s not all about driver satisfaction here, though. The Easy Pedal design is built to last, packed with features to increase durability. These include steel-backed bushings, proprietary facing material for long life, and the premium damper used to reduce drivetrain torsional vibrations.

You’ll also benefit from a release bearing that provides extra lubrication and improved strength. Despite this, it still features a 50,000-mile lube internal for linehaul applications.

Ultimately, choosing the right clutch for your vehicle can have a significant effect on driveability, but more importantly, durability. When you want long-lasting clutches that are easy to service and require less-frequent maintenance, Eaton is a name you can always count on.

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