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Elring Gaskets for Trucks

A gasket is a flexible elastomeric material that creates a fluid and gas tight seal between two joined surfaces.  Vehicle and engine manufacturers use gaskets to seal bolted joints.

Elring Gaskets for Trucks

In heavy vehicles, gaskets are used for several sealing applications. These include engine blocks, pump systems, gearboxes, turbochargers and other truck parts, whether on European, American or Japanese trucks. This article focuses on the Elring gasket solutions available for trucks in Australia and New Zealand. Read on if you would like to find out more.

Why Use Elring Gaskets?

The history of ElringKlinger dates back more than 140 years. In 1879, Paul Lechler started a gasket trading company in Stuttgart. By 1914, Lechler had started manufacturing gaskets at his company. In 1885, Richard Klinger established an engineering and design workshop in Vienna.  Klinger’s company grew and began manufacturing cylinder head gaskets in 1930.

In 1994, Lechler’s company was known as Elring GmbH, merged with Klinger GmbH to form ElringKlinger GmbH. Today, ElringKlinger is one of the world’s leading producers of gaskets for vehicle and engine manufacturers. The company operates 45 locations around the world and employs more than 9,700 people.

Types of ElringKlinger Gaskets

The ElringKlinger Company has a history of producing high-quality aftermarket parts for trucks like DAF, IVECO and MAN. The company’s reputation is founded in its dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. Elring is especially well known for the production of cylinder head gaskets and specialty gaskets used in all truck engine components and many critical European, Japanese and American truck parts.

  1. Cylinder Head Gaskets
  2. Specialty Gaskets

i. Cylinder Head Gaskets

The Elring Cylinder Head gaskets are made from robust yet flexible materials to withstand extreme conditions. The cylinders in an internal combustion engine operate under extreme conditions and must withstand high temperatures, friction and pressures. There are three types of Elring cylinder head gaskets to cater for a wide variety of truck engine parts.

  1. Metal-elastomer,
  2. Metaloflex, and
  3. Metal-soft Material cylinder head gaskets

Metal-elastomer CHGs are made of metal carriers with vulcanised elastomer profiles. This type of CHG achieves high efficiency through targeted sealing pressure distribution. This technology enables you to have high sealing pressure in the combustion chamber and low pressure in the fluid area. Metal-elastomer CHG can withstand the following extreme conditions

  1. 250 bar ignition pressure
  2. 2,000 kW engine power output
  3. 1,500,000 Km mileage without incidences

Metaloflex is a metal layer cylinder head gasket. It is made of beaded steel spring layers with elastomer coating. Metaloflex CHGs have modular design elements that enhance their sealing properties.

Metal-Soft Material CHGs features a serrated metal carrier with soft material coating. This type of material is ideal for micro-sealing and prevention of sticking.

ii. Elring Specialty Gaskets

Elring is well known for producing specialty gaskets to suit a variety of applications. Elring supplies specialty gaskets made from high performance materials that are suited for specific truck parts. Below is a list of Elring’s unique specialty gasket solutions.

  1. Metaloseal Gasket
  2. Soft Material Gasket
  3. Metal-elastomer Gasket

Metaloseal Gaskets are flexible elastomer-coated materials that suit a wide variety of applications. This material enables designers to match the gasket to specific sealing assemblies and tasks. As such, it is possible to enhance high-quality sealing in any location of the engine.

Soft Material Gaskets are ideal for applications that have low thermal loads. They are made of composite materials such as fibres and binders. Soft material gaskets are available I varying thicknesses from 0.20 mm to 2.50 mm. The versatility of the soft material makes this type of gasket ideal for a broad range of truck parts.

Metal-elastomer Gaskets are made of metal carriers with vulcanised elastomer profiles. They are ideal for components that experience high levels of stress. Metal-elastomer gaskets are best for the following applications;

  1. Oil pump systems
  2. Timing case assembly
  3. Heat exchanger systems

While gaskets are inexpensive engine components, they are challenging to replace. A faulty gasket can cause damage to your engine. As such, you should ensure you only use high-quality gaskets from reliable suppliers of original equipment and aftermarket parts for trucks. Elring gaskets are proven to perform better and last longer than most of its competitors.

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