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ElringKlinger’s Lightweight Solutions

The truck and bus parts industry has produced some incredible advancements in design and technology, improving the safety and performance of vehicles and providing a more reliable driving experience.

However, many of these additional features and performance options come with extra weight. And the heavier a vehicle is, the more energy is required for operation.

As one of the world’s leading truck engine seal manufacturers, ElringKlinger is addressing this concern by creating innovative lightweight concepts designed to mitigate the weight of truck parts.

Who is ElringKlinger?

ElringKlinger AG is based in Dettingen/Erms, Germany. The business manufactures engine parts, specialising in the development of truck engine components, including gaskets, shielding systems, plastic housing modules, and fuel cell parts.

The origins of the company stretch back more than 140 years, with Paul Lechler establishing a trading business dealing in gaskets and technical products (what would become Elring GmbH) in 1879.

Experiencing international expansion in 1971, Elring GmbH joined forces with the automotive division of Richard Klinger GmbH, whose engineering workshop was founded in 1885. Together, they became ElringKlinger GmbH in 1994.

October 2000 saw ElringKlinger GmbH merge with parent company ZWL Grundbesitz- und Beteiligungs-AG to create what we now know today as ElringKlinger AG.

Following on from this fruitful endeavour, ElringKlinger AG has been listed on several stock exchanges across Europe. The company has strengthened its manufacturing portfolio by acquiring majority holdings in various automotive, engineering, and high-performance plastics companies.

Why choose ElringKlinger?

As an independent global supplier, ElringKlinger has established a strong foothold in the truck and bus parts industry, committed to providing innovative solutions for all types of drive systems.

From high-performance hybrids and optimised combustion engines to energy-efficient truck battery and fuel cell technologies, ElringKlinger is focused on intelligent, lightweight designs to help shape the future of sustainable mobility.

A majority of the products manufactured by ElringKlinger are developed with the aim of reducing emissions either through lightweighting concepts, alternative drive technologies, or continued optimisation and downsizing of combustion engines.

Lightweighting technologies

With the commercial vehicle industry pushing to deliver significant reductions in CO2 emissions, ElringKlinger is leading the way in manufacturing OE and aftermarket parts for trucks that help contribute to this goal.

Lightweight construction is the key. Through the use of lighter materials such as fibre-reinforced plastics, thermoplastics, and metallic materials, including aluminium and magnesium, the overall weight of the vehicle is reduced.

This innovative lightweighting concept puts less stress on operational components, such as the engine, as lighter vehicles require less energy to move. This is especially significant in the energy efficiency of diesel-powered engines, reducing the amount of fuel consumed and, in turn, lowering CO2 emissions.

Customised lightweight components can be utilised throughout the vehicle to reduce weight and increase efficiency. For example, ElringKlinger has developed a lightweight cam cover solution that integrates a truck engine intercooler. This effectively increases the engine’s efficiency without negatively impacting the vehicle’s weight.

In combination with new manufacturing processes in high-performance plastics, lightweight technology not only saves on weight but also on development time and costs.

ElringKlinger is the largest original equipment supplier of engine seals to DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes, Scania and Volvo trucks, and offers an extensive range of superior aftermarket parts for European trucks. In fact, Elring manufactures aftermarket parts for all the European trucks, most American truck makes and even supplies parts for Fuso, Hino and Isuzu trucks.

With its commitment to continuous improvement, ElringKlinger has become a powerful, trusted name within the truck industry, synonymous with providing high quality, innovative parts for all vehicles.

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