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Essential Spare Parts for Volvo Trucks

Volvo trucks are a sound choice for any logistics, construction, or a long-haul transport company. Volvo offers various trucks that suit different applications – from off-road to  highway vehicles.

Spare Parts for Volvo Trucks

What do you need to know about Volvo trucks and Volvo truck parts?

Keep reading as we discuss aftermarket parts for Volvo trucks in Australia and New Zealand, to help keep your trucks in optimal condition throughout their lifecycle.

About Volvo

Volvo Group is the leader of 12 brands in the heavy vehicle industry. It offers trucks, buses, construction equipment, and marine and industrial engines. Included in the Volvo Group is the Mack Truck brand. In 2000, Volvo purchased Mack, and today Mack Trucks share many of the same parts as Volvo trucks. This means some standardisation of replacement parts for a mixed Volvo and Mack truck fleet.

Volvo Aftermarket Truck Parts

Once you invest in a Volvo truck, maintenance is a priority. Keeping your fleet in operation is essential for daily business targets, and even one defective truck can damage customer service levels and reduce profit margins. To ensure your trucks are operational, you must invest in high-quality aftermarket truck parts to perform the necessary repairs and maintenance. See below to learn about the different aftermarket parts for Volvo trucks.

Diesel Engines

Many companies regard Volvo diesel truck engines as the best-performing and most reliable engine product on the market. However, all engines require maintenance and the occasional major work, so good operators will plan regular preventative maintenance and prepare thoroughly for major engine repairs to minimise downtime. An important element of this planning is working with a reliable supplier of high-quality Volvo truck parts.

By choosing a specialist supplier of aftermarket truck parts for European vehicles, you will ensure good availability of high-quality truck parts for the essential repairs and maintenance.

Aftermarket Truck Parts

When keeping your Volvo trucks operational, you must choose whether to opt for Original Equipment (OEM Parts) or aftermarket truck parts. OEM truck parts are often more expensive, and they are made by the original manufacturer. Aftermarket truck parts are sometimes made by the same manufacturer and sometimes made by a different manufacturer, generally to the same quality specifications but aftermarket truck parts can also include modifications to improve function and performance.

Regular maintenance and a stock of high-quality aftermarket truck parts for your Volvo trucks will help you to keep your fleet in working condition, reducing vehicle downtime and preventing wasted time that can result in lost income for your business.


Volvo trucks offer a wide range of features to suit the needs of any transport company. Their Euro 6 diesel models have become increasingly popular due to recent regulations and green initiatives. To prevent losses, transport companies should consider investing in aftermarket truck components for regular maintenance of repair of diesel engines, drivetrains and brake systems.

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