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FAG Drivetrain for Trucks

The drivetrain is a collective term for all the components that transmit power to the driving wheels of a vehicle. These include differentials, axle and wheel bearings, driveshafts, gaskets and a range of sealing systems. Your vehicle’s drivetrain components vary based on the type of transmission and wheel configuration you have.


The operational costs involved in the trucking industry is mostly influenced by service and repairs. After safety it is all about keeping the costs low. In order to keep your costs low, it is well advised to invest in quality aftermarket truck parts.

The quality of the drivetrain components can have a major impact on your profits. They affect your fuel economy, driver comfort and overall maintenance costs. High-quality components assure you of longer intervals between replacements.

For decades FAG has been providing the highest quality OEM and aftermarket parts for European trucks, as far back as the early 1900s. This article takes a closer look into FAG’s drivetrain solutions for trucks.


History of FAG


The FAG brand was established by Friedrich Fischer in 1905 in Schweinfurt, Germany. FAG is an acronym for ‘Fischer’s Automatische Gussstahlkugelfabrik’; a German name which means ‘Fischer’s Automatic Steel Ball Factory’.

The company’s name is significant because it points to the origins of FAG. In 1883, Friedreich Fischer, FAG’s founder invented the first automated ball grinding the machine in the world. The metal worker’s solution went on to revolutionize the mechanical industry. His invention created a cheaper, faster and more accurate way to mass-produce hardened steel ball bearings.

Before his invention, ball bearings were manufactured in England by hand in a tedious time-consuming process. Fischer’s solution produced identical balls with an accuracy of 0.02 mm. These balls were used in bearings that made bicycles run smoother for longer periods without breaking down. Fischer set the foundation for the manufacture of hardened steel balls used in bearings all over the world.

Almost a century after its establishment, the FAG joined INA and LuK, officially forming the Schaeffler Group. The merger enabled FAG to grow its developmental assets and access to global markets. This has cemented its position as a global leader in the development of bearings and drivetrain solutions.


FAG Aftermarket Drivetrain Solutions


FAG offers a wide variety of aftermarket parts for European trucks like DAF, IVECO, MAN and others. This section highlights some of FAG’s solutions and their applications in modern trucks.


FAG Drivetrain Bearings


The main function of drivetrain bearings is to enable your wheels to rotate efficiently. They increase your axle’s the lifespan by reducing friction and wear. Replacing bearings is significantly more affordable than repairing damaged drive and axle shafts. Below is a list of FAG’s most popular drivetrain bearings.

  • Differential Carrier and Pinion Bearings
  • Axle Shaft and Wheel Bearings
  • Driveshaft Centre Support Bearing


FAG Gaskets and Seals


Drivetrain gaskets and seals are often overlooked due to their simplicity. Yet, by preventing the leakage of your transmission fluids and lubricants they protect your entire drivetrain assembly.

Fluid leakage, no matter how small can lead to the eventual damage of your transmission system. This is significantly more expensive than replacing your seals in time. FAG specializes in the provision of the following seals.

  • Axle Shaft Seals
  • Wheel Seal
  • Differential Pinion Seal
  • Differential Cover Seal

FAG aftermarket parts have a strong following. As part of the Schaeffler Group, FAG can network with several truck manufacturers and dealerships all over the world. This enables the timely delivery of FAG aftermarket parts for trucks to Australia and New Zealand all year round. All FAG drive train components come with the following assurances.

  • High-Quality materials
  • Longer intervals between replacement
  • High Precision engineered parts
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Dynamic aftersale customer support

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