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Garrett Turbochargers For Japanese Trucks

For over 60 years, Garrett has been at the for-front of turbocharger manufacture.

Garrett turbocharges and other Garrett technologies and innovations are used in almost every major truck and car brand in the world, including Fuso, Hino, Isuzu and UD.

In 1928 John Clifford Garrett turned his passion for aviation and engineering into becoming Lockheed’s 29th employee. He turned his ambition for running an aviation corporation into a reality in 1936, creating the Aircraft Tool and Supply Company with a one-room office in Los Angeles. By the 1930s the company had changed names – Garrett Supply Company and produced the first all-aluminium aircraft intercooler.

By the 1950s, the company’s aerospace knowledge and design experience led to the development of the firms first land-based business that would see Garretts name becoming synonymous with the automotive industry.

In 1951 Garretts T15 turbocharger was teamed up with Caterpillar’s D9 Crawler, and the aptly named Oldsmobile Jetfire Turbo Rocket became the first turbocharged production car in 1962. By 1967 Deere chose to use the Garrett T04 turbo in its farm tractor range.

In the 1990’s that Garrett’s new variable nozzle turbine technology went mainstream and global for truck engines. Turbochargers were soon adopted by Deere tractors and truck manufacturers such as Volvo, Mercedes, Scania and Kenworth thanks to the Garrett turbochargers enhancing performance, torque, and improving fuel efficiency. Thirty years later and many trucks and commercial diesel vehicles are equipped with the latest Garrett Turbochargers.

Garrett turbochargers and e-compressors are in use in cars competing in the Formula One, FIA World Rally, Indy Car and 24 Hours of Le Mans. In 2017 Garrett turbos recorded their 18th consecutive victory at Le Mans with the Porsche Motorsport LMP team with their 3rd consecutive win and in 2018 they helped Toyota win the 24 Hours Le Mans race.

Without a doubt, Garrett is the world leader in turbochargers for Japanese trucks, with turbochargers in a range of vehicles and engine types all around the world. Constantly adapting to the tightening of emission standards and fuel efficiency, Garrett continues to strengthen its relationship with Original Engine Manufacturers.

By 2022 it is expected that over half of all diesel powertrains will be turbocharged, and Garrett is in the perfect position to reduce CO2 emissions and offer best-in-class performance. When it comes to diesel engines in trucks, Garrett continues to pioneer with the variable nozzle turbine and a two-stage system for both cars and trucks which will open downsizing options for car and truck manufacturers and improve fuel efficiency while reducing NOx and CO2 emissions in real-world driving conditions. The world-first gas variable geometry turbo works in tandem with the combustion phasing system to lower thermal efficiency while enhancing fuel economy.

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