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Hella Electrics for Trucks

The performance and efficiency of modern trucks and buses have improved significantly over the last two decades. This is mainly due to the advancement in the electrical technology solutions available in the heavy vehicle industry.

These electrical solutions range from essential air conditioning to the intricate networks of sensors that support autonomous driving solutions. The electric solutions are famed for revolutionizing driver comfort, improving vehicle performance and raising the safety standards of heavy vehicles globally. This article focuses on some of the solutions offered by Hella Electrics.


An Overview of Hella

Hella GmbH & Co. KGaA is one of the leading providers of electric components and aftermarket parts for European trucks and all trailers in Australia. The company originated in Germany in 1899 and created the HELLA trademark in 1908.

This small family business grew steadily, building a workforce of 1,000 members by 1937. Expanding its business outside Germany in 1961 was the major turning point that secured Hella’s success. By 1990, Hella had more than 20,000 employees and was making more than a million Deutschmarks in annual sales.

Continually growing and improving, Hella now has about 39,000 employees globally, with 20% of its staff working in R&D. Its strong focus on new product development enabled Hella to come up with many firsts in vehicle lighting and electronics solutions. These include the first approved H4 halogen headlamp, DE projection headlamps and full LED headlamps. In the fiscal year 2018/2019, Hella reported € 7 billion in sales. Hella attributes its success to a strong focus on advanced technology and its aftermarket expertise.


Hella’s Modern Electric Solutions


1. Core-Free New Parts

Hella has introduced a new core-free series for its starters and alternators product range. This range promises to deliver high-quality performance and ease of handling in line with Hella’s world-class reputation. To prove their quality, all the starters and alternators in this range come with a 3-year guarantee.

This product range offers the most affordable options for price-conscious users without compromising on quality. This range contains more than 100 article numbers for truck applications and covers approximately 70% of the market. You can identify Hellas core-free new parts quickly with their TecDoc marking and packaging.


2. Advanced Lighting Solutions

Visibility is the primary safety feature on any truck. Whether you are driving at night or through a thick fog, you depend on your lighting solutions to see and be seen. One of Hellas most recent lighting solutions is a high-output LED light bar for trucks.

Hellas revolutionary LED light bar is a sleek yet robust 350 mm unit that offers ideal aerodynamic installations. They were designed as an alternative to the conventional round auxiliary headlamps. Their unique slender, lightweight design, coupled with the low power consumption of 25 W is a direct contrast of the high light output they can achieve.


3. Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS)

Hella offers an innovative support system for batteries known as the Intelligent Battery Sensor or IBS. This system actively monitors your battery, noting its state of charge, age and activity. This enables it to issue alerts for maintenance and predict failures. It helps to prepare owners and fleet managers plan for replacements and service checks, consequently reducing downtime and the risk of emergency failure.


As an expert in the provision of aftermarket parts, Hella offers excellent support for wholesalers, garages and dealerships worldwide. With a wide range of products featuring more than 38,000 articles, Hella offers one of the broadest market coverage available from one dealer.

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