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HELLA Lighting Solutions for Trucks

Truck drivers in Australia cover long distances to deliver their cargo all over the country. In many cases, they need to drive at night to save time. These truckers need reliable lighting systems when driving at night or in poor lighting conditions. High-quality lighting solutions are vital especially when visibility is low due to bad weather.

This article highlights HELLA’s world-class lighting solutions for commercial vehicles. Features that enhance visibility are among the most important safety solutions in the trucking industry. They help to increase the drivers’ reaction speed and confidence behind the wheel.

A Brief Overview of HELLA

HELLA is a world-renowned producer of lighting solutions and various aftermarket parts for European trucks. The company has been at the forefront of the vehicle lighting industry for more than a century. HELLA was established in 1899 by Sally Windmuller. It was originally known as the Westfalische Matall-Industrie Aktien-Gesellschaft or WMI. WMI’s primary products were candles, ball horns and kerosene lamps for carriages.

The HELLA brand came to light in 1908 as a trademark for WMI’s innovative acetylene headlamps. The HELLA line of lighting products drove the company’s success for decades. Since 1986, the HELLA brand name has featured in the company’s name. In 2017, the company changed its name to HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA.

HELLA Lighting Technology

HELLA is responsible for a wide variety of innovations in the vehicle lighting industry. Below are some of the company’s most recent lighting solutions for commercial vehicles.


The HELLA VALUEFIT range offers lighting solutions that are tailor-made for the aftermarket industry. This range consists of a variety of high-quality yet affordable products. They are also famous for their reliability and excellent performance.

The VALUEFIT lamps are available in a variety of shapes and styles. They use the most energy-efficient LED technology and can achieve a brightness of up to 5,500 lumens. With their robust corrosion-resistant designs, they are suitable for several applications including off-road and construction vehicles. Below is a list of some popular VALUEFIT lamps.

  1. S800 – S3000 LED Range
  2. R900 – R2200 LED Range
  3. LBX LED Lightbars

90mm Front Lighting Modules

It is important to always have a fully functional front lighting system in your truck. Front lights help drivers to see each other on the road. You can also use them to signal oncoming traffic if there is a problem.

HELLA’s 90mm front lighting solutions have a versatile modular concept. This enhances the modules compatibility with a wide variety of vehicles. HELLA’s future-proof upgrade concept enables you to retrofit any halogen module with new LED lights.

The LED solutions are more energy-efficient than traditional halogen systems. This enables designers to make smaller yet more powerful lights. Below are some examples of HELLA’s 90mm front lighting modules for commercial trucks.

  1. L 4060 LED high and low-beam
  2. L 4060 fog light
  3. Bi-LED low beams and high beams
  4. 90 mm Premium

HELLA’s LED technology has revolutionized commercial vehicles lighting solutions all over the world. Its aftermarket parts for trucks offer a wide variety of technical design options, versatility, and durability. They also use up less energy and last longer than most conventional lighting systems. This cuts down on maintenance costs and unplanned downtime. Some of the other lighting solutions that HELLA provides include

  1. Rear Combination Lighting systems
  2. Side marker lights
  3. Work lamps
  4. Auxiliary driving lights

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