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Hengst Filtration

When it comes to a filtration system for your truck, Hengst have a range of filter’s available for many makes and models including Volvo truck spares and Mack truck parts. Most truck owners know that filter designs and media can change over time for many different reasons including:

  1. Overly long periods between services
  2. Engines updated with the same filter module
  3. Development of new filter media
  4. New requirements from OE
  5. Replacement of obsolete media
  6. Cost reductions to be able to stay competitive
  7. Overall reduction of a filter media portfolio
  8. A worldwide shortage of paper
  9. Patent rights

The good news is that Hengst has its very own filter media specialists who do nothing else but design and develop the right filter media for each requirement. Currently Hengst has over 200 filter media and over 70 different media combinations which makes this area a full-time job.

When you are buying a high-quality aftermarket Mack part – for example and you are changing to a more efficient filter media, a less filtration media may be needed to do the same job. Hengst filters are subject to constant change and reviews to ensure all media is performing according to OE.

Remember that a change in design is normal and that is nothing to worry about.

Hengst cabin filtration systems mean no more bad air, and total protection for you, and your family. Studies have shown that the air quality in your truck has a significant impact on your safety, when air is full of pollutants a driver’s concentration can be affected which in turn results in a higher risk of accidents. Interior cabin air filters create healthy, comfortable air, they help to block fine dust, pollen and bacteria, and any unpleasant smells. It doesn’t matter if you suffer from allergies or not, you’ll be able to breath well and enjoy the improved climate inside your cabin.

When buying a spare filter for your truck Hengst has the right cabin filters for every model, giving you up to five times the protection, ensuring you breathe pure and healthy air. Remember to change your filter regularly!

  1. One in five people suffer from a pollen allergy and drippy noses and watery eyes can certainly affect a driver’s attention.
  2. Fine dust particles can penetrate the bronchial tubes or even into your blood stream and can significantly affect your health.
  3. Mould and spores are all around us, and they can affect your health and they spread quickly when the weather is warm and moist.
  4. Whether you are driving in the city or out in the country no one wants unpleasant smells inside their cabin.
  5. There is an infinite number of the types of bacteria in the air around us, a filter system helps keep the air inside your cabin healthy.

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