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Hengst technology aboard MAN Trucks

MAN trucks and buses have recently launched a new series of D8 and D20 engines. These powerful diesel engines not only boast more power and ease of acceleration, but they also guarantee fuel efficiency. Their additional chambers do not translate into unnecessary fuel guzzling or unhinged noise levels. They have been built with function in mind.

The reason MAN has such an established reputation for large vehicles is that it never compromises stability for speed and style. The new engine options allow bursts of speed while maintaining traction. This is key for faster route efficiency while still maintaining safety standards and smooth rides for truckers and other road users.

To ensure the effective function of MAN engines, they have been kitted with Hengst fuel filters. These filters ensure economic fuel expenditure and complete engine safety at both high and low speeds. For fuel filtration truck parts, Sydney believes in Hengst.

Keeping an eye on fuel function goes beyond checking the gauge. Constant monitoring ensures efficiency and avoids damage. Hengst filtration technology includes sensors that are semi-optional. Hengst also includes multiple valve functions for additional metrics.

The Hengst system will note any problems and solve them immediately. If the truck has stalled or is having ignition issues, the system will supply additional fuel to the starter and ignite the flame. Any water inside the starter will be sifted out and drained.

Some trucks need tailored specifications, and Hengst allows for customised fuel heaters depending on the needs of each vehicle. Hengst also reduces fuel wastage by collecting any excess fuel that may have spilt over from other vehicle systems.

This fuel is funnelled back into the fuel tank for efficient reuse in powering the vehicle. An automated fuel drain within the Hengst Filtration system also helps in gathering excess misdirected fuel and re-routing it to the fuel tank.

Unlike other filtration systems, the hand primer pump on Hengst Filters is secured within the same housing unit. That means despite its multiple features and functions, a Hengst Filter is constructed as a single, reliable, low fuss piece of equipment.

Since the Hengst Filter is built with no extraneous portions, it’s easy to service. Your mechanic will remove and replace the microfilter element. He/she will also clean the filter strainer in the pre-filter. You can easily check to see that these services are completed.

Sourcing truck parts for your MAN engine can seem daunting since dealerships are pricey and after-parts providers may not be verifiable. Through a distribution network, you can get genuine MAN, and Hengst parts sourced straight from the manufacturer.

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