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High-Quality Trailer Parts from BPW

Most people who are in the market for truck and trailer parts understand the importance of choosing quality over price. High-quality trailer parts are essential for safe vehicle operation, so it’s always worth investing in the best.

BPW is a market leader in the development, design and manufacture of high-performance trailer parts for heavy vehicles. Complete with famous German engineering, these products are a must for any truck owner who values performance, safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Who is BPW?

BPW Transpec in Australia and BPW Transport Efficiency in New Zealand are wholly-owned subsidiaries of BPW in Germany, an industry leader in both original equipment and aftermarket parts for trucks and trailers, based in a country known for excellence in vehicle and component manufacturing. The Australian and New Zealand arms of the business ensure that products are developed and brought into this country with local conditions in mind, giving truck operators peace of mind.

Trailer axles

BPW has spent seven decades refining their trailer axles to consistently exceed industry standards. Although designed and developed in Germany, BPW’s trailer axles are tried and tested in the toughest local conditions to ensure longevity and reliability.

The world-leading axles produced by BPW have capacities up to 30 tonnes and have a proven track record of success. These axles are widely regarded as the safest, strongest and most cost-effective solutions on the market today.

Suspension systems

The BPW name is best known for their quality trailer air suspension systems. The meticulous attention to detail ensures that each component, including air springs and Z springs, is carefully designed and developed with an emphasis on quality workmanship. For drivers and operators, this means you can trust a BPW suspension system to perform even under challenging conditions.

The brand offers air suspensions for low-weight configurations, and there are products to suit all types of highway and off-road applications up to 14 tonnes per axle. In addition, they also manufacture mechanical suspension systems with axle loads ranging from 9 to 20 tonnes.

Landing legs

When separating the semi-trailer of heavy vehicles, landing legs are used to support the front end. Landing legs typically have two gears, high and low, for use when the trailer is either empty or loaded. BPW provides innovative landing legs that offer strength, stability and reliability even at high weights.

The legs themselves are lightweight and easy to use, but they have the strength required to support some serious weight. The connecting shaft and multi-hole bolt-on plate are stand-out features of BPW landing legs. The low crank also improves speed and safety for operators.

Ringfeder tow couplings

In Australia and New Zealand, BPW is the agent for Ringfeder tow couplings, drawbar eyes, and other truck accessories. Naturally, one of the most crucial parts of any semi-trailer or heavy vehicle is the trailer coupling. This is an area that is heavily regulated due to the enormous risk to life and property if something should go wrong. BPW takes its responsibility incredibly seriously, providing industry-leading Ringfeder tow couplings.

Ringfeder couplings are built tough for Australian outback and New Zealand mountainous conditions, and they’re designed specifically with heavy-duty applications in mind. When it comes to reliability and safety, Ringfeder couplings and towing eyes are globally recognised for their quality.

BPW is a leading manufacturer because it combines two crucial aspects of parts development; safety and affordability. They keep prices reasonable while still delivering some of the best solutions on the market, making them a strong parts partner for all truck owners.

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