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Holset Turbocharger for Trucks and Buses

A Holset Turbocharger upgrade can considerably boost your engine’s intensity and performance without affecting the weight, which is a huge benefit. The turbocharger is a more compact and simpler way of adding power, particularly with high quality and readily available aftermarket parts for European trucks. It works by gathering and forcing more air into the combustion chamber inside the engine, thus generating more horsepower.


Features of a Holset Turbocharger


  • Provides a significant increase in engine power output
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Holset turbochargers are designed and produced to meet high quality standards.
  • Proven durability with regular maintenance and using top-quality aftermarket parts for trucks
  • Low downtime since you’re getting an original, well-tested product


Enhances Engine Power


Holset Turbochargers are among the sought after products when shopping for aftermarket parts for European trucks like DAF, IVECO, MAN and others. Your truck or bus will be much more powerful, making it an excellent upgrade for diesel engines. If you want to maximize your truck’s engine performance, adding a turbo will give you more power compared to using natural aspiration or supercharging.


Drivability is essential as most buses and trucks don’t use their peak horsepower often. Holset Turbochargers are much more usable as they kick in at mid to high rpm. That minimal lag ensures you enjoy more boost even at low engine speeds, which is where your bus or truck will spend most of their time.


Improves Fuel Efficiency


Besides the significant gains in power, a Holset Turbocharger also helps to deliver remarkable fuel efficiency. Turbo-diesel truck or bus engines can safely run a higher turbo pressure setting that enables the engine to generate a significant torque output at low-RPM. That means you can drive your turbocharged diesel truck at lower RPM compared to other engines, further contributing to better fuel economy.


Improved fuel mileage also helps to minimise harmful emissions. It is challenging to find aftermarket parts for European trucks that simultaneously enhance horsepower output while reducing emissions. However, the Holset Turbocharger can accomplish these two benefits easily, and that is why it is among the most trusted turbochargers for owners and modification enthusiasts.


Need for an Intercooler


While the turbocharger enhances both the horsepower and torque values, it also raises the temperature of compressed air going into the engine. Installing Valeo cooling will lower the temperature in the gas inlet, thus making the air denser and optimising the combustion. That is why most European trucks and buses that have turbo will also have intercoolers.


Valeo cooling lowers the temperature in the gas inlet by over 60° C and increases overall power production by approximately 20%. The intercooler is critical for removing the adverse turbo effects and maintaining optimal performance. Be sure to include an intercooler when you shop for a turbo.


Buy a Genuine Holset Turbocharger


It is recommended to buy or replace your Holset turbocharger with an original product. That way, you guarantee that it will fit and continue working efficiently. Also, buying genuine aftermarket parts for European trucks like DAF, IVECO, MAN and others will help you guarantee quality and avoid surprises. Shopping from a reputable supplier for European truck parts is one way to ensure you get genuine Holset turbochargers.

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