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How DAF Trucks Became Industry Favourites

How DAF Trucks Became Industry Favourites: Multispares

Dutch-French truck manufacturer DAF has been consistently developing a reputation for excellence in the transport industry. Sales figures from the Truck Industry Council showed DAF shot to 7th on the list for heavy-duty sales in December 2022, capturing a 5.1% market share and putting them above recognised names such as Mercedes-Benz, Hino, MAN and Iveco, to name a few.

Daf trucks

While brands like Kenwood, Isuzu and Volvo continue to lead the pack, it’s hard to argue with the growing popularity of DAF trucks in Australia. As recently as 2019, DAF sat 11th on the list for heavy-duty vehicle sales.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the reasons DAF trucks are becoming industry favourites.

Comfortable cabins

Driver comfort is a huge consideration, especially for those involved in long-haul trucking. DAF has put considerable effort into the interior design and functionality of the cabin to ensure a more enjoyable ride. Firstly, the cabin is more spacious and innovative storage solutions make it easy for drivers to keep the interior organised, even on the longest trips.

The DAF night lock is another great feature, allowing you to lock the truck for the inside and rest easily. When it comes to sleeping, DAF drivers experience a wider and more comfortable bed. Perhaps most importantly, though, are the customisation options. You can tailor all parts of the interior to suit your needs, even down to the smallest details, such as internal lights with dimmer switches.

Aerodynamic design

Looks aren’t everything, but they’re certainly part of the reason for DAF’s success. Stylish modern truck designs are more appealing than older, tired designs. Customers have confidence in a transport company operating a sleek, modern truck fleet, so design is important on many fronts.

As a stylish European truck brand, DAF designs its trucks with more rounded corners, offering better aerodynamics and fuel economy. So in this case, as well as being aesthetically pleasing, your truck’s appearance could save you money and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Fuel economy

A sleek design contributes to better fuel economy, but DAF trucks have more features to keep your costs down. DAF trucks feature highly efficient Paccar engines with enhanced electronics. Combined with industry-leading gearboxes and rear axles, DAF trucks deliver more torque at lower revs. The result is a better fuel economy and an even further reduced total cost of ownership.

Popular DAF truck models in Australia

For drivers and truck fleet operators in Australia, DAF offers three popular ranges to choose from.

·        LF Range

The LF 260 and LF 290 are popular models in Australia, offering a compact design and excellent manoeuvrability. With a Paccar Euro 6 ready, operators can be confident in meeting the most stringent emissions standards for years to come. Like all DAF models, the LF range is designed for comfort and reduces operating costs thanks to its aerodynamic design.

·        CF Range

The CF Range is known as DAF’s ultimate all-rounder. Available in two, three or four-axle configurations, the DAF CF range can be used for tippers, pumpers, waste, tankers and much more. The customary DAF interior comfort is on display here too, and the chassis is easily customisable to suit different component positions.

·        XF Range

DAF’s flagship range is built for comfort, fuel efficiency, safety and style. With the extremely efficient Paccar MX-13 engine, TraXon gearbox, and Paccar rear axles, you get the same high torque/low rev combination as other DAF models. Perhaps best of all, from a driver’s perspective, the refined interior design exemplifies the brand’s dedication to comfort.

DAF is making great strides and becoming a favourite in Australia, which is also good news for existing owners. More DAF trucks on the road means more availability of aftermarket truck parts and better customer support.

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