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How Fuso Parts Help You to Achieve Better Fuel Efficiency

Mitsubishi’s Fuso trucks are known for their fuel economy and are considered one of the best-performing trucks for fuel efficiency. When operating Fuso trucks, knowing how to optimise fuel efficiencies will maximise ROI.

Regular Fuso servicing, maintenance and spare parts are essential to achieving this.

fuso parts fuel efficiency

Keep reading as we explore how Fuso genuine parts can help you to achieve better fuel efficiency and why aftermarket truck parts are worth considering for your fleet.

What Are Fuso Trucks?

Mitsubishi Fuso trucks are medium-sized transportation trucks that focus on optimal fuel performance. Fuso trucks also have lower noise and vibration suppression to create a more comfortable journey. Running fuel-efficient vehicles can reduce monthly operational overheads, which is essential in the current climate. As fuel prices are fluctuating considerably, many transportation companies are seeking fuel-efficient options.

As an alternative to Fuso genuine parts, you can use Fuso value parts to maintain and repair your trucks at a lower cost but still with the assurance of high quality, fuel economy, and OE branding.

Why Choose Fuso Parts for Fuel Efficiency?

Fuso truck parts are renowned for being the most fuel-efficient option. Mitsubishi designs its vehicles with longevity, fuel efficiency, and other advantages, always considering the driver’s needs.

Let’s explore some of the main advantages they provide for your fleet:

  • Longevity – Fuso parts are designed with longevity in mind, i.e. by considering not only the upfront cost but also the cost of maintenance and repairs throughout the truck’s lifecycle.
  • Fuel efficiency – Fuso fuel consumption is particularly impressive in the Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid – renowned for being the most fuel-economic truck in its class. Independent fuel-efficiency tests and product ratings deem this a top-tier economical truck. Fuso parts are designed with this in mind – an advantage you can leverage for your fleet.
  • Tax and insurance advantages – the reliability of Fuso parts offers tax and insurance advantages to reduce monthly overheads.

These advantages combine to make Fuso truck parts both an economical and fuel-efficient option for your fleet.

Why Choose Aftermarket Fuso Parts?

Aftermarket Fuso truck parts can offer the same fuel efficiency as OEM parts when they are designed according to the original manufacturer’s specifications. They may also be enhanced to provide a compelling advantage in the market.

Aftermarket Fuso parts are more readily available than OEM parts. When you purchase spare truck parts from the original manufacturer, you may face lengthy wait times for your delivery. Aftermarket distributors rely on high service standards to win market share and will generally deliver products far more quickly.

Aftermarket channels can also be more cost-effective. By choosing aftermarket Fuso truck parts, you can gain the advantage of lower prices without sacrificing quality. Since the aftermarket truck parts industry is so competitive, product modifications may also offer fuel economy and durability benefits. Fuso parts are readily available in Australia and New Zealand, meaning less downtime and keeping your trucks operating on the road.


Fuso is a worthy consideration for any transport, logistics, or delivery company. Efficiently-run vehicles should be a priority for any business within this industry, especially in light of the recent energy crisis. Fuso places great emphasis on offering reliable, fuel-efficient products.

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