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How Valvoline’s Lubricants Prolong Engine Life


Lubrication plays a pivotal role in preserving the health and longevity of a truck engine and is crucial to the correct operation of many truck and trailer parts, such as truck turntables and trailer couplings. As a trusted name in the industry, Valvoline has been delivering high-calibre lubricants that go beyond traditional expectations. In particular, Valvoline lubricants have markedly enhanced engine durability and performance by leveraging their blend of advanced technology and quality ingredients.

Valvoline's Lubricants Prolong Engine Life

The Valvoline Journey: Pioneers in Engine Lubrication

Over 150 years ago, in 1866, Valvoline paved the path for the evolution of the lubrication industry. Behind this revolution was Dr. John Ellis, who studied crude oil and unravelled its untapped potential for lubrication. Initially conceived to augment the efficiency of steam engines, this petroleum-based lubricant ascended to become the first branded product of its kind.

Imprinted in the DNA of Valvoline is a legacy of landmark contributions to the relentless evolution and advancement of engine oils and lubricants. Whether it’s servicing single cars or entire fleets of trucks, Valvoline can be relied upon to provide a lubricant that will extend engine life and enhance performance.

Valvoline’s Lubricants: Formulated for Performance and Durability

Valvoline’s lubricants are constructed with fortified additives and superior base oils. This expert formulation reduces friction, prevents engine wear, and enhances temperature tolerance in harsh working conditions.

Valvoline’s multi-viscosity grade lubricants are engineered to perform seamlessly in varying temperatures – from extreme cold to sweltering heat. These lubricants showcase outstanding high-temperature deposit protection properties, restricting the accumulation of sludge and varnish, which can potentially compromise engine performance and longevity.

Valvoline’s heavy-duty lubricants are designed to meet the unique needs of truck engine parts. They offer a higher viscosity, generally preferred in heavy-duty applications for the best possible protection of high-stress parts.

Advanced Engine Protection

Valvoline’s heavy-duty range has top-tier formulations like Valvoline Premium Blue, a popular choice among truck fleet managers for its extended drain and service capabilities. Rigorously engineered, it features superior oxidation resistance and thermal stability that help maintain engine cleanliness, prolonging the engine’s life.
Valvoline’s exclusive heavy-duty engine oils also have an exceptional soot-busting and dispersant capability, offering optimal protection against harmful deposits, sludge, and corrosion. This feature aids in maintaining high engine efficiency and reducing maintenance downtime.

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

Fuel efficiency is a pivotal factor in managing operational costs for truck fleets. Valvoline lubricants, with low-viscosity formulations, significantly reduce internal engine friction. This makes the engine more efficient, leading to considerable fuel savings, which can help a fleet’s bottom line as well as lowering carbon footprints and aligning with global environmental sustainability goals.

The superior engine protection from Valvoline lubricants can also drastically reduce maintenance costs, thereby improving the vehicle’s economic life-cycle cost, resulting in significant savings in the long run.

Addressing the Unique Needs of Modern Emission Systems

Modern trucks employ advanced emission control systems to curb harmful exhaust emissions. Valvoline’s innovative development is tailored to such requirements.

Valvoline lubricants come ready with low-ash technology to minimise the impact on Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF). They also contain balanced sulphur, phosphorus, and zinc levels to meet the stated API CJ-4 requirements while ensuring compatibility with other emission control technologies.

There is a strong alliance between Cummins, the global power leader in diesel engines, and Valvoline, which led to the development of Valvoline’s Premium Blue. This standout lubricant is the only one endorsed by Cummins and recommended for use with Cummins engine parts.

Valvoline’s lubricants are renowned for enhancing vehicle life. They use premium base oils, creating superior protection against wear, high-temperature deposits, and viscosity breakdown. Their wide-reaching and comprehensive range of heavy-duty lubricants provides a practical approach to the maintenance and care of your truck fleet.

Valvoline has the right lubricants for protection and proper maintenance of all American, Japanese and European truck parts. Visit the Valvoline website or consult with a local Valvoline distributor for recommendations on oil and grease formulations for your truck and trailer requirements.

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