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Importance of Kraiburg Rubber

An industry leader, Kraiburg has been developing, producing and supplying technical rubber and silicone compounds for truck parts globally since 1947. Their products are used within the truck and bus industry and include thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) for automotive interiors, exteriors and powertrains, as well as the retreading of tyres. Importantly, they are also a major supplier to both OE and aftermarket air spring manufacturers where their rubber technology improves durability and extends the operating life.


Kraiburg’s retreading materials have been tailored specifically to suit the individual applications for which they are used. They offer material for both hot and cold retreading processes.

Hot Retreading

Kraiburg offers a range of materials for hot retreading. These include:

· Tread materials (Camelback, extruder strips, extruder slabs)

· Side veneer (different strengths; dust, perforation)

· Rubber solution

· Profile filler strips

· Tread sheet

· Cushion gum (sheets or tread material strips)

· Various accessories

Cold Retreading

For precure retreading, Kraiburg’s product collection includes:

· Precured treads

· Sidewall ‘cold’ veneer

· Solution

· Bonding gum (sheets or tread material strips)

· Inner and outer envelopes

· Venting pads

· Tyre paint

· Release agent couplings

· Valves

Specialised compound for trucks

Kraiburg’s specialised compound is designed for:

· Long-distance traffic

· Urban traffic

· Building sites

· Quarry

· Trailer

· Special compounds

Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)

Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE), also known as thermoplastic rubbers, are copolymers or compounds that deliver thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. TPEs demonstrate thermoplastic characteristics above their melt temperatures, allowing them to be shaped into fabricated units.

When TPEs are used within their temperature ranges, they demonstrate elastomeric behaviour without cross-linking during fabrication. Furthermore, this process is reversible, meaning that products can be reprocessed and remoulded. Unlike more rigid materials, TPEs can be stretched and will return to their near-original shape, offering a longer lifetime and improved physical range.

Interior TPEs

TPEs used in truck interiors include applications in truck driver seats and truck door accessories. The use of TPE ensures that surfaces are attractive and improve soft-touch elements, alongside reducing rattling and creaking noises when used for damping elements. Kraiburg’s low-emission interior TPE solutions meet the OEM requirements for truck interior applications.

Application Areas:

· Shelf mats

· Floor mats

· Cupholders

· Thumb wheels/sliders

· Cable sleeves

· Buffering and damping elements

· Gearshifts

· Adjusting levers for steering wheels and seats

· HVAC lamella sealings

· Door sill panels

Exterior TPEs

Kraiburg’s exterior TPEs provide excellent weather and UV resistance and are used for truck exterior applications, enabling you to create visually appealing and high-quality surfaces for your applications.

Application Areas:

· Window encapsulations

· Windshield cowl covers

· Water deflectors

· Covers for A/B/C pillars

· Window sealing systems (corner mouldings and end caps)

· Roof rails base pads

· Multi-component door sealings

· Antenna gaskets

· Steps


· Efficient processing in multi-component injection moulding

· Adhesion to PP, ASA, PC, PC/ABS, PMMA, etc.

· Adhesion to EPDM and TPV

· Low internal mould pressure can be achieved with long flow paths

Powertrain TPEs

Kraiburg TPE offers an economical option for the increasingly complex engine compartments. Their compounds are specially developed for the heavy truck industry and can be processed in multi-component injection moulding. These compounds demonstrate optimal long-term stability when exposed to high temperatures, which is perfect against harsh climates, and when in contact with engine oils and grease.

Application areas:   

· Mounting elements including truck engine mounts

· Air duct components, ventilation flap controls

· Grommets

· Timing belt covers

· E-box gaskets

· Tank recesses

· Vibration control elements in the transmission

· Sealings in oil management

· Battery seals

As you can see, Kraiburg rubber is used in a wide variety of truck applications, from tyres to interiors. Not only are they economical, but they have the high quality, long-life properties that you need in aftermarket parts for Japanese trucks, European trucks and many more.

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