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Isuzu Celebrates its 34th Year as Market Leader

Isuzu is celebrating its 50th year of operation in Australia, which means 50 years of service through their dealer network and 50 years supplying high-quality Isuzu truck parts. But as we enter 2023, there are even more significant milestones to applaud the Japanese truck manufacturer for. According to figures released by the Tuck Industry Council (TIC), Isuzu has come out on top as the truck market leader in Australia for the 34th consecutive year.

This will come as no surprise to those in the trucking industry, but it’s nonetheless a significant achievement, particularly with recent supply chain issues, natural disasters and economic factors hurting almost every industry. For Isuzu trucks, service and parts, it’s time to celebrate another terrific year of sales and performance.

Isuzu’s performance by the numbers

The overall Australian truck market saw a 7% increase in sales in 2022, with 44,379 units sold throughout the year. Isuzu’s portion of those sales was 13,360 units, which equates to roughly 30% of the market share. This is a whopping 31% higher than 2021’s figures.

The key numbers contributing to Isuzu’s success are:

  • Light-duty vehicle sales were up 37.7% from 2021, reaching 47.7% market share in 2022.
  • Medium-duty vehicle sales were up 19% from 2021, reaching 46.4% market share in 2022.
  • Heavy-duty vehicle sales were up 36% from 2021, reaching 13.8% market share in 2022.

Reaching a 30% market share across all truck styles is a huge achievement for the much-revered brand.

Why are Isuzu trucks so popular in Australia and New Zealand?

In Australia and New Zealand, Isuzu is the clear market leader when it comes to light and medium trucks, and it’s gaining market share in heavy-duty trucks. But why? For many, it is the reliability of Isuzu trucks that keeps owners coming back. Trucks are used within so many different industries. We often think of long-haul heavy-duty vehicles, but let’s not forget about the regular uses of medium and light-duty trucks.

Across every industry, especially transport, logistics, mining and so many more, trucks are a vital part of everyday operations. From water and service trucks on mining sites to trucks delivering groceries, reliability and durability are crucial factors. Isuzu offers that in spades, which is why truck operators’ trust in the brand is so high.

Parts availability a huge boost

Another huge bonus for truck owners who choose the brand is the wide availability of Isuzu parts. Not long ago, Isuzu globalised its parts manufacturing business. While originally based in Japan, where the main truck assembly plant still remains, Isuzu now has truck parts manufacturing operations in the USA, Europe, Taiwan and even China.

This diversification has provided some protection against supply chain disruption, minimised interruptions to truck assembly and improved the availability of Isuzu truck parts all over the world. This is in contrast to other brands that have a lower market share in Australia and New Zealand. While you can usually find any truck parts you may need if you have the time to look, fast and easy availability of OEM and alternative aftermarket parts means less downtime and less lost income for operators, and this makes Isuzu an extremely attractive proposition.

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