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Jaltest Diagnostic Tool for Trucks and Buses

The heavy-duty truck and bus industry has developed significantly over the past few decades to incorporate highly automated systems in the vehicle design. Many of the new technologies included in modern trucks are designed to enhance safety and fuel economy as well as the driver’s comfort.

Technological solutions create unique challenges to the aftermarket and technical support personnel who need extra training to maintain the vehicles.

Keeping up with the pace and intricacy of advanced modifications can be challenging for heavy-duty vehicle service centres. Moreover, coordinating training programs to upgrade your staff’s skills can take a lot of time, especially in independent workshops that work with multiple truck make makes. To simplify operations, many truck maintenance shops are investing in advanced truck diagnostic tools to help workshop staff identify and deal with problems.

What are Diagnostic Tools for Trucks and Buses

Maintenance of heavy-duty vehicles is sensitive and time-consuming. This is because the vehicle’s problems need to be identified and addressed before they reach the point of failure to reduce costs and the risk of accidents on the road.

Modern Truck diagnostic tools connect directly to your truck’s computer and can identify any faults in the truck systems and report on operating parameters. These tools save time and money by running tests on all the components of the truck that are linked to its onboard computer and highlighting areas that the technicians need to work on.

Additionally, advanced diagnostic tools can identify the need to order high-quality aftermarket spares for European trucks well in advance of their failure. This gives you enough lead time to ship the parts, if necessary, and replace them before your Scania truck breaks down. It also reduces the risk of costly downtime.

Features of the Jaltest Diagnosis Tool

Multi-brand and Multisystem Diagnosis: The Jaltest diagnostic tool works well with a wide range of American, Japanese and European heavy-duty trucks including Kenworth, Hino, Fuso, Isuzu, Man, Volvo, Mercedes, and UD among others. It has options that allow you to select the type, brand and model of the vehicle you want to work on including trucks, buses, agricultural, and light commercial vehicles. Jaltest system enables you to make an accurate diagnosis, analysis and repair of any truck or bus that comes to your shop.

Clear Diagrams and System Mapping:

Jaltest not only analyses the internal systems of the truck, but it also brings up accurate circuit and component diagrams. Additionally, the tool highlights different connectors and their specific locations in the vehicle’s body. The clear mapping helps technicians to go directly to where the problem is, avoiding time wasted when troubleshooting by trial and error.

Component Actuation: The diagnostic tool is capable of interacting with different truck systems and mechanisms and testing them independently.

Jaltest diagnotics have revolutionised the maintenance operations of modern trucks for independent mechanics by significantly reducing the downtime needed to run complete diagnostics on heavy-duty trucks and buses. Moreover, truck operators can rest with the assurance that their vehicles go through comprehensive checks and are operating at optimal levels.

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