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JOST Truck and Trailer Applications

JOST produces high quality aftermarket parts for trucks, and they are among the most respected brands for truck couplings in Australia. Jost is known for innovative design, technical expertise, quality, and unmatched reliability. Below are some of the prominent JOST truck and trailer applications.


Fifth Wheels

One of the most critical aftermarket parts for European Trucks like DAF, IVECO, MAN and Volvo is a fifth wheel. These fifth wheels do a significant job maintaining a robust, physical connection between the trailer and the towing truck.

Due to the nature of their job, they typically endure enormous shock and stress loads, all while maintaining articulation for handling and maneuvering within tight locations. Hence, it is critical to get a top-quality JOST fifth wheel. Some of the main applications for these fifth wheels include general freight, road train, fridge van, tipper and tanker among others.



JOST’s range of aftermarket parts for European trucks also includes turntables and the accompanying slewing rings designed for heavy duty truck applications. The primary function of turntables is supporting the swivel function in the trailer.

Turntable bearings can be used in both light and heavy vehicles that require higher speeds, including semi-trailers, dog trailers, dollies and agricultural trailers.


Jaws & King Pins

JOST has a range of 50 mm and 90 mm king pins for a stable, reliable and more maneuverable trailer connections. When the trailer is coupled, the king pin allows the fifth wheel to rotate and turn in the fifth wheel jaws.

Some of the applications of JOST jaws and kingpins include a single trailer, B double, and road train.


Tow Couplings

Tow couplings or trailer hitches are the linking aftermarket parts for European trucks that join the trailer to the towing vehicle. JOST has a diverse range of tow couplings for highway and off-road trucks. Jost also supplies robust drawbar eyes and hinges for reliable trailer towing applications.


Pintle Hooks

If you’re looking for aftermarket parts for European trucks that will support heavy-duty, off-road towing, then the JOST pintle hooks are a reliable option. Besides supporting high capacity vertical loads, JOST pintle hooks are finished off with a top-quality coat for added corrosion tolerance and durability.


Landing Legs

With a modular construction and easy to use landing gear, JOST has a selection of reliable landing legs. You can select between electric or manual options and they are great for wide-ranging applications, including silo trailers and tankers.


Axle Assemblies

JOST also provides axle assembly solutions for truck, including tag axles for supporting the transport of higher loads. The axle designs are optimized and proven to provide the best ratio between load and weight. You can even customize Jost axle assemblies to suit your needs.

Always buy JOST aftermarket parts for European trucks like DAF, IVECO, MAN and Volvo from a reputable supplier. That way you are guaranteed top quality truck parts and a broader range that extends from truck radiators to fifth wheels.


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