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Keeping Roads Safe

The NHVR online portal is recognised at National awards

Keeping the roads safe is an intense undertaking. It’s achieved through the joint contribution of drivers, truck owners, and regulatory bodies. The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is a big part of this. Under the leadership of its CEO, Sal Petroccitto, it initiates and implements safety policies and requirements.

Part of the NHVR’s mandate is to issue licenses and permits for heavy vehicles. Truck parts must comply with Australian safety standards as there is no mandating of original equipment parts or aftermarket equivalents and the NHVR does a good job monitoring compliance.

Around the world, environmental conservation is picking up the pace. Going digital plays a big role. In addition to increasing transparency and efficiency, it reduces the use of paper, which saves countless trees. Digitising systems leads to improved record keeping, faster processing, and easier oversight. It cuts costs and enhances safety benefits.

With this in mind, the NHVR launched its online permissions system in August 2016. It’s a single portal with separate modules for customers, road managers, and regulators. Anyone in these categories can log on and apply for relevant road permits. The modules run as individual entities, so no user has access to unnecessary or private content from other areas.

Currently, over 10,000 users are registered on the portal. Up to 30,000 applications have passed through the system, and 99% of new permits are issued online. That’s why the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Sector Management recognised this online portal.

The Award is organised by the ACT Division of the Public Administration Australia. It’s intended as a testament to government projects driven by technology. This year, the award attracted 39 entries and was whittled down to a shortlist of 17 before the winner was declared. The NHVR online Portal was praised for its customer-facing approach.

It was also lauded as a streamlined example of how innovation can help the heavy vehicle sector. In most cases, permits and licenses are considered punitive and somewhat annoying. Dealing with government offices can be a hassle, especially for drivers on tight schedules. And yet, not having those permits could lead to fines or even worse.

The intention of these permits is to prevent accidents and keep roads safe and truck operators must be careful to avoid compliance shortcuts. For example, when they’re looking for truck parts, Adelaide drivers should prioritise selection of quality replacement parts in the rush to beat a licensing deadline.

The online portal allows trucking stakeholders to apply, submit, and receive their documents no matter where they are. The NHVR portal therefore met all the award’s criteria, making life easier for customers while contributing to overall road safety.

The award was announced in Canberra on 14th November 2017, and Mr Petroccitto graciously received it. He thanked his team for all their hard work and promised to continue improving the portal and enhancing its functionality.

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